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  • Fireplace wood rack...

    So you can Build your firewood rack metal Outdoor:

    Our fireplace wood shelf kits for outdoor are ideal if you want to make a firewood rack yourself.

    The dimensions can be set on the basis of our various Elemtgrößen yourself together. so, we have the classic function of the wood aufbeahrung also a nice object for the garden decoration. The depth of each Segment is 35 cm what is an ideal depth for a cut of wood for the fireplace.

    You need a total of 4 segments:Kaminholzregal Metall für Außen selber machen

    • 2 equal sized segments for the Top and Bottom of the length
    • 2 equal segments for the height


    • 4 equal segments of 120 cm Square of firewood rack for the Outside.
    • 2 short segments of 80 cm and 2 long segments of 160 cm, a firewood rack shown with the dimensions 80 x 160 cm

    You can build the shelves, transverse, or high known.

    sophisticated concept: no screws are visible:

    A total of 48 screws per shelf to provide a stable construction, to withstand large and heavy quantities of wood. On our kits, you can even dance...at Least the head of the company metal michl Michael Blanz in front of the its customers, so when these visit the fireplace wooden shelf wall in the rusty garden.

    The stable version with a material thickness of 2 mm, provides extra high stability.

    Since all of the screws are on the inside, you will see the finished wood stacker, not a single screw. Visually, our kits are in addition to the high quality of a Ästätisches Highlight in the garden.

    Of course, all the necessary screws and Verinder are to be included in the scope of delivery.

    The following sizes are available:

    Length of the segment in cmSegment depth in cm

    You build a privacy fence with a metal firewood rack for the Outside and classy point of view of rust protection elements as a combination:

    If you build a firewood rack made of metal yourself, you can use these elements to an entire wall, and even as a sichtschtuz fence repurpose. In unserdem Rusty garden we have built a 25-Meter long fence made of wooden shelves. This serves both as a protection and at the same time is a good possibility of our firewood store. Overall, wooden wall shelf are in this Fireplace. 13 strengths of wood stored.

    Kaminholzregal Metall für Außen als Sichtschutzzaun selber machen

    Seasonal decoration within the fireplace wood rack possible:

    Have you ever thought about in the firewood racks something beautiful into zustapeln? As a little Inspiration, we want to zaufzeigen you a couple of nice ideas for fireplace wooden shelf decoration, how you can your fireplace wood rack beautiful for Christmas or year round decorating:

    Metall Kaminholzregal für Außen weihnachtlich mit Stern dekoriertMetall Kaminholzregal mit Herz dekoriert - Gartendeko

    As Gartendko fireplace wooden shelves in the outer area of the eye-catcher. Also, as the separation on the terrace, or between two multi-family houses, these natural decorative objects are always a Highlight. on the fireplace wood regalmit beautiful precious Patina of rust, you can put flowers pots, herbs, or other garden decoration.

    To decorate perfectly to a Holzbeigfe metal signs from stainless are stainless with funny sayings, such as this garden sign with the words caution, storage facility for fuel rods and fissile Material"

    Holzbeige dekorieren mit einem Blechschild aus Edelrost fürs Kaminholzlager

    Mounting a free-standing fireplace wood rack metal Outdoor:

    Small shelves up to a size of 120 x 120 cm are usually on a solid surface is very stable and require no additional fixing.

    In the case of large shelves > 120 cm in length or height, we recommend anchoring to the ground.

    1. To do this, you concreting a Footing where you want the wood stock for the Outside, you can build yourself.
    2. You drill with a metal drill a hole in the bottom.
    3. You make the self-made fireplace wooden shelf on the punk Foundation and drill through the hole in the metal with a stone drill another hole.
    4. With an Anchor plugs and anchor bolts, called, firmly anchors the fireplace wooden shelf in the bottom

    So your fireplace wooden shelf for many years stable and solid in the garden. Speaking Of Durability:

    A fireplace wood shelf kit from the metal michl is due to its stable material thickness is at least 15 - 20 years. And should you have any questions about how you can make the best of your fireplace wooden shelf itself, we will also gladly advise you by phone 0831-98909230.

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