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Schöne Dekorationen für die kalten Tage

  • Decorative Ski and...
  • Decorative Sleigh Metal

    Large and small decorative sleigh as a decoration for Christmas, made of metal

  • Snowmen
  • Feed places and birds...

    Ausgefallene Futterstellen und Vogelhäuser für den Winter.

  • Light-houses, as the...

    A wind light the house made of metal with rust can be beautiful as decoration for Christmas with candles set the scene. Our light houses are decorative and the rust Patina is always unique.

  • Neujahrsdekoration und...

    Here you can order beautiful decorations for your new year's party, and little good luck charms for the new year in the decorating Shop of metal michl

    Winter decoration with luck - luck is on your side with our new year decorations and lucky charms for new year's day and new year's eve

    The Winter, with luck, meet - winter decoration makes the happy

    Who has it not in the Trouser pocket or in the Desk drawer - the lucky charm? A small, fine favorite piece, usually connected with a positive thought or a loving Person. Lucky charms have historical and cultural Tradition. So there are traditional good luck charms in many shapes and colors. Origin and meaning are surrounded by a mystical Aura that attracts us like a Magnet. We give away and collect lucky charms, or also known as a Talisman, in all Sorts of shapes. Horseshoes, Clover, lucky pig, and much more. Or we connect natural events, and people with happiness. How, for example, the shooting Star, guardian angel, or the chimney sweep. Even though many think of but think a bit of remains including those below aware hope. However, these lucky charms are not found often. The chimney sweep is not daily in and out. And the sky does not allow you to flash anytime a shooting Star. It is good that we can remedy the situation. You give away your personally selected a lucky charm from the metal michl. If you sow happiness, you will harvest happiness!

    Four-leaf clover, chimney sweeps, lucky pig good luck charm for everyone from metal - decor idea with happiness

    Nothing can go wrong. A lucky charm made of metal as small gifts, to show our good wishes, bring your loved ones for the rays. Whether four-leaf Clover, gnome, or chimney sweep, the good luck charm for the new year, we've put together as ideas, are a lucky handle.

    Stainless stainless chimney sweep and a decorative chimney sweep

    The stainless grate chimney sweep , or a decorative chimney sweeps are a popular good luck charm and are always happy as decoration for many occasions such as birthday, new year's eve. We offer plots from stainless metal from a chimney sweep and chimney sweep. Both variants have a size of 20cm and are shown with the head as an accessory.

    Garden plug chimney sweep metal - garden connector chimney sweep

    A beautiful idea of the garden even in the Winter, the winter decorations with our garden plug chimney sweep - garden connector chimney-sweep made of metal. This garden plug brings not only happiness, but also plants a beautiful decoration between your Winter.

    Stainless stainless imp metal - Hans in luck

    We can also find beautiful stainless stainless gnomes made of metal, with different accessories in the Hand, such as mushroom, four-leaf Clover and a horseshoe. Whether as a table decoration, window decoration or as a new year's decoration, the precious stainless imp a great idea for winter decoration, and the decoration in General. We also offer a Set with all three representations of the noble rust gnomes made of metal.

    Four-leaf Clover made of stainless metal

    The four-leaf Clover is probably one of, along with the ladybugs, and the most popular lucky charms. Whether as a keychain or good luck charm gift as a Talisman for the loved one not to be missed in our metal decoration, the four leaf Clover. We offer the "clover leaf" made of stainless metal for a neutral and the other with a Good or lucky sign. You can place the Clover discreetly between your winter decoration or new year's eve table decoration. Also in the range, the four-leaf Clover with a small screw. So you can the precious stainless clover leaf as a tree connector to use, and thus your decorations in a winter garden, suitable for new year's eve and new year's, to make.

    Happy New Year - new year's decoration made of stainless metal

    New year decoration metal as a winter decoration for home and garden

    The metal michl wishes for the coming year, All the best, All the luck in the world and we keep our fingers crossed that all your good resolutions for the new year.

    Wish your loved one Everything is Good with our new year decoration made of stainless metal. You will prepare your guests a delight and decorate for the new year's eve Party, and for the welcome of the new year, your home and garden with new year's decoration made of stainless metal. Your winter decoration has still deserves more luck. Therefore, the new year's decoration is not only a beautiful Symbol of happiness but also a beautiful Winter decoration in the cold Season. Spice up your garden with a pig, four leaf Clover, or a chimney sweep. Both indoors and outdoors, are our good luck charm is a beautiful idea to make the winter garden-friendly, and to meet with happiness. In the apartment you can start after Christmas, to decorate it with new year's decoration made of stainless metal.

    New year's eve - new year's decorations Metallic for new year's eve party

    You adopt with us the old year and welcome the new year with new year's decoration made of metal

    Happy New Year - Well, you already know what you need everything for new year's eve? Not... we have found the right new year's eve decoration. New year's eve decoration or new year decoration with depictions of many lucky symbols. A great decor idea for new year's eve and the perfect Party into the new year with a lot of luck in the Luggage. New year's decoration made of stainless metal, as a new year's eve decoration with Pep. Between the napkins, Confetti Gold, strings of lights, balloons, streamers and more Confetti, the new year's decoration made of metal an absolute eye-catcher for the Party in the new year. Celebrating properly is only possible with the right ambience. A perfect new year's eve celebration with your guests need the right new year's eve decoration. Then the new year. You can let the champagne corks pop and the Party takes its course, until it is with fireworks colorful and really loud Party, Party, Party!



  • Winterlandschaft...

    Immerse yourself in the winter landscape Christmas

    Our articles invite you to daydreaming and landscape in the snow with the contemplative theme of a winter of exceptional decoration for those cold winter days.

    Like a walk in the winter Wonderland

    Embark in a wonderful winter landscape. White, sparkling snow covered everything around. The air is refreshingly clear and clean. Relaxation and calm to spread harmony and peace are almost tangible, everything is in line. Mystical and mysterious, like a snowy forest. You can feel the tranquility and peace of this winter landscape, in harmony with the elements, in accordance with Themselves in Winter and to Christmas.

    The range of metal michl is perfectly suitable. Different winter landscaping objects rich in idyllic shapes, festive decorations and ornaments. Angel figurines, Christmas decorations and Christmas decorations made of precious stainless create a decorative atmosphere. In full Christmas-Winterland unfolds its magic. To just crave for Christmas in the Christmas period, we look to the harmony. A gracefully decorated garden with fire bowls, wind lamps made of glass or a wood storage with LED lighting is just the Right thing to do. In order to turn your house into a Christmas-Winterland. Whether natural motifs such as a tree in the snow, or the self-made snowman, everything can be transform to the decoration of metal michl to a picture of a winter landscape. With the right light a small plot of land for itself exudes. Be the envy of the neighborhood, you can be sure, and each of the visitors and passers-by, the inner child awakens. With beam unbelieving eyes, it sees the fairytale winter landscape.

    Your garden - Christmas-winter landscape

    In the metal michl Shop, you will find exactly the article for the Christmas feeling. You can put a photo in the category of winter snowy landscape and Christmas village. Do not hesitate and let this romantic image to become a reality.

    The sky needs the patience of winter. (© Jo M. Wysser)

    How it again dezembert,
    in the day greyed out.
    As it is the end of looking forward,
    now, where is the Ballast trust us so
    in the snowy garden looks. (© Beat Jan)

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