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rostige Bämue und Baumdekor aus Edelrost. Erstellen Sie trendige Waldszenen und tolle Baumdekos für Ihr zu Hause wichtiger Hinweis: Weihnachtsbäume finden Sie in der Kategorie Winter/Weihnachten

  • Decorative tree Albero...

    Our new design line with the Deco tree Albero with Branches not just as a fall decoration, also all year round as a garden decoration made of rust-an eye-catcher in the garden

    You and your garden are ready for a great autumn decoration from stainless grate for the garden with trees and branches? You will discover now rusty autumn trends and the most beautiful autumn decoration made of metal for the Start of the Golden Season with our special series Albero. The series Albero includes a wide variety of precious stainless Objetken. From the wind light a candle or as a garden plug of three stainless columns, up to the point of view of protection wall and XXL decorative tree for any purpose of decoration. Alberobello is a beautiful decorative trees with nice branches made of metal. You can find here beautiful tree Branches decoration with bird and berries at an affordable price.

    Albero, which is Italian and means a TREE - Our Albero trees as garden decoration.Deko Baum Windlicht Albero

    The tree is the showpiece in the autumn, the colours are hardly so warm and alive as the autumn foliage. Decorating with natural materials such as acorns, chestnuts, and wood and decorative branches belong there.Our Albero is, however, an autumn decorative tree that has already shed its leaves. The Branches are already bare and you can see the branches beautifully against the light. Brown's fas any tree in the root, of course, is a decorative tree grate fits also wonderful, because the natural effect is simply when each piece fits. Metal is as a garden decoration very grateful. the rust garden decoration requires very little maintenance and the weather is absolutely fixed, and also in Winter, ideal for outdoor use. Must be decoration... easy to Care for and durable... Just stainless stainless.

    Autumn decoration with garden decorations of rust is like the nature itself.

    You will be close to our garden plug and wind the light in the heart. A wonderful autumn decoration you can leave up in the Winter and also in combination with Christmas decorating your garden with items from rust is cozy and beautiful. Wood and decorative natural materials are the branches. Stainless is rust with its different warm brown as colourful as the Indian Summer. Nature and metal are one of the... wood and rust complement each other wonderfully. Give it a try and combine Branches for decoration, such as birch or pine. Just the needles of the fir tree create with the green color for a natural look.

    If you want to know more about the stainless stainless you can learn here, what is noble rust.

    Autumn decoration ideas the at the same time precious, our garden decor Albero

    Our wind light made of metal with branching acts as a branch. This you can use it as a fall table decoration in the room but also on the garden table outside. Who likes to make things, colorful leaves and decorative branches spread out on the autumn table... Ready for the autumn decoration in your home.

    To lead our series of Albero we have a matching stainless pillar in three sizes. You can use this to great effect, from below, e.g., with LED spotlights illuminate. A stainless column not only fits as a garden decoration, but also can be used as a fancy decorative idea for Hotel or Restaurant.

    Particularly the effect of our 2 large decorative trees Albero once as XXL tree made of metal and once as a privacy fence. Each branch seems to have a life of their own, therefore the Design is always for us, people are fascinating. Such a view of protection of Alberobello can be on the terrace or in the garden is a center and is the heart of the design of a garden.

    Albero bedeutet Baum - Deko Bäume mit Gartendeko aus Rost

    How long the fall will take:

    The autumn is also called the Golden Season. You can't Halloween this beautiful Season of the year, but only on the classic pumpkin or the mushroom in the decorative basket reduce. The third Season begins in mid-September and Ends with the beginning of Winter. at 20. December. Almost 3 months, you can decorate the autumn.

    In the Allgäu the cattle Scheid heralds the autumn. Stainless decorating is wonderful as autumn decorations, because this fits to stone, wood and other natural items such as tree branches or other decorative sectors, such as driftwood.

    Even if you set up the Christmas tree and the advent wreath already, the 2 light of the candle burns:

    Officially, the fall in the second half of December is over.

    So what are you waiting for? Great autumn decoration you can order from us easily. Or just visit us in the Allgäu. We are very close to the A7. Betzigau welcomes you as a guest. In the usn you will find in the direct vicinity of the Hotel Hirsch with its own Restaurant and in our Shop you can entdeken a piece of pastry and a Cup of coffee, beautiful autumn decorations and Branches decoration. We look forward to seeing you.

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