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the metal michl category: Here you can find a selection of go-karts and game towers, and other beautiful things for a family-friendly garden. These articles are in the rusty garden as game devices issued

  • Go-Karts from Dino Cars

    Go-KARTS FOR children in the Allgäu - Dino Cars buy and test drive

    With your DINO CAR do you like going in any weather to be outside in the fresh air. After school your go-kart is already waiting for you and is ready for new adventures. Arrange with your friends to fast-paced racing your competitions, games of skill, or transport animals with the followers
    Treasures. A Gokart of DINO CARS® always brings Action and fun for outdoor kids, as you are.


    Whether Stylez, Classics, Tracks, Race, Line, Kids, or any of the other models in our range of vehicles for each age class and each area of use a suitable vehicle. All DINO CARS® are built so that they can be used both in the private as well as in the commercial sector.



    DINO CARS® has designed and manufactured since more than 20 years of pedal-driven go-karts in Brual in the North German Emsland region. We only use first class selected materials of the highest level of quality and safety. DINO CARS® other are constantly tested technically and practically. Our vehicles will be tested by external testing institutes and bear the CE mark. DINO CARS® offers a 5-year frame warranty and a long-term supply of spare parts.


    With the Brake freewheel BF1 you can without switching forward and reverse travel. The built-in coaster brake lets you a very safe and comfortable stopping. All of the big DINO CARS® can be upgraded on request with a 3-speed gearbox.


    We look forward to your experiences and suggestions, so that together we can continue to develop the best go-karts for their children. Your satisfaction is important to us.

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