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A beautiful quote is like a balm to the soul. our 100 most beautiful sayings are ideal to Give as a gift for friends and family.

  • Zuhause Sprüche

    Home quotes and home sayings, metal stainless metal michl viewing - spell signs at home

    What is home? Where is it life is at its best? Where you will feel home and secure. Where the wife, the husband, and other dear people on a wait. Where the home is, there also is happiness. Where the family is, there our heart is, there we will be happy - or, as Goethe wrote in a poem: " Here I am human, here can I be ". This is where our life is rooted. To Live there is to live. Press your heart with home sayings and quotes to Live and decorate your house with quote home metal signs rust.

    Home - the happiness at home with the family

    Home is where Living is the same life!

    Sayings home quotes Living with wisdom

    Bring you words with hearts in her apartment. Whether in the bedroom when you get Up in the living room in the cosy Lounge. You know, the many small contradictions, the courage, comfort, or just the happiness in you kindle. Let the great spell signs from a metal grate at home on the walls through the whole day. Because for every room and every space at home, there's a spell in a beautiful patina Design.

    Blank spell signs for home sayings for home, for yourself

    Beautiful wall saying home for the home do it yourself: thoughts can run free

    With a Blank spell-shield metal rust from the metal michl you can download the theme home with suitable quotes house and saying home creative decorating. Write a quote that expresses the happy life at home, in the home. With home sayings and quotes, you'll be give your own life is the motto at home expression. This spell shields your home and quote signs home metal rust are not only beautiful accessories in-house, your thoughts reflect, but also a creative decoration in the new home.

    Stainless signs are Blank you will find in the Shop here.

    Quotes home: words for the wall as an original decoration to move or feed

    New home: The new home to Welcome with a precious spell rust home

    A lot of moments and feelings, as well as homesickness, are often expressed in terms of quotes and sayings. Many sayings of famous personalities, such as Mark Twain or Antoine of Saint-Exupéry make for a literary Touch in your own home. But also sayings Funny great popularity and provide a good mood in your own four walls to enjoy in the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

    The home is here! Home sayings hot people after a long travel again Welcome

    Spells for the return home: Every journey comes to an end

    People who like to travel very much, know the feeling and the happiness to discover the world and new cultures and areas. But every traveler will feel after some time, the feeling of homesickness. It's even nicer when the home and the house is waiting for you. Decorate your home and your home with sayings and quotes about home and house to feel after traveling from a foreign country back home.

    Congratulations to the feeder - the perfect gift find

    The feeder and move into the first apartment or the private house is something very Special. With small gifts to new neighbors are welcomed warmly. But also friends and family congratulate you on moving, and moving in to the new home. The Giving of bread and salt is one of the best-known and most classic customs and rituals when moving into the house. However, you can also write your own cute sayings and quotes on saying metal signs rust. Words come from the heart, are very special gifts and are worth a lot more, as they are for eternity.

  • Freundschaft Sprüche

    Discover friendship sayings for your loved one with a garden signs, or as wall decoration

    Friends for life - friendship sayings as honest gifts for true friendships

    Sayings metal signs with quotes for good friends and friends for life

    Friends and love are part of a fulfilled life in the first place. Good friends, in your heart, to make our everyday life much easier. Now, you have to admit the possibility of their friends. The don't have to be luxury items. Gifts that come from the heart, are honest gifts for true friendships. Friendship sayings lovingly on a garden sign and a wall decorative metal.

    Good Friends - True Friends - True Friends: The Definition Of Friendship

    According to the dictionary a friendship is a mutual Affection-based relationship. According to our hearts, friends are people who are close to us and whom we can trust. Friends are there for us when we need them. With friends like you, who come together to celebrate good times. Friends donations for solace in difficult times. In addition, good friends can help to deal with crises.

    Blank spell signs for friendship sayings, for home, for yourself

    Beautiful wall saying friendship for home do it yourself: thoughts can run free

    With a Blank spell-shield metal rust from the metal michl you can the theme of friendship with suitable quotes friendship and saying friendship creative decorating. Write a quote that expresses the happy life at home with friends. With friendship sayings and quotes friendship you give your own life is the motto at home expression. This spell signs of friendship from the metal grate are not only beautiful accessories in-house, your thoughts reflect, but also a creative decoration in the apartment, for example, as a wall decoration metal.

    Stainless signs are Blank you will find in the Shop here.

    Wall art decor metal with a spell of friendship - a decorative plate as a wall decoration of the friendship

    Wall decoration saying: The world of wall decoration friendship to the metal michl

    Wall decorations with sayings: The world of wall decoration made of metal, rust is virtually unlimited. It's not always just the pictures that adorn the walls in the rooms. Be creative! The selection is incredibly diverse, and the Designs in the precious Look of stainless leave no wishes unfulfilled.

    Wall-objects metal: high Quality wall decorative friendship stainless stainless signs

    Great ideas wall decoration for friends: The wealth of ideas is inexhaustible. Discover the world of wall decoration from metal rust from the metal michl and fall in love with our world of wall decoration from spell signs.

    Wall Deco for friends: friendship, wall decorations, metal grate to Hang

    Wall decoration-discover: Discover our beautifully designed plates for a wall decoration made of metal of friendship. Signs not only decorate your wall but also the space with a wonderful friendship sayings met. Quotes that go to the heart. A wall decoration that is reminiscent of beautiful moments with friends.

    Sayings for the garden: garden signs friendship sayings

    Garden signs metal rust in a Vintage Look for the friendship of life

    Garden signs for friends with quotes of love and friendship: garden of signs not only in Bed, but can also beautify the garden and serve as a high-quality decorative signs. In addition to flowers and plants, stones, figures and signs as decorative elements, oasis and retreat, and is a garden for many people. You Express your personal relationship to your garden with the garden signs friendship sayings and hot, your friends are Welcome. Garden signs with a saying of friendship, there are different texts, shapes, and styles.

  • Familie Sprüche

    Family quotes and garden sayings on signs made of metal, rust as a mural and garden spell

    The family is the most Important Element in life for us humans. There, it is rooted and feels safe. To the family, such as parents, husband, wife, father, mother, and child, you can always rely. An intact family is the greatest gift and should never be neglected. With quote signs made from stainless metal, you will have the opportunity to pay tribute to the special nature of a family with a saying or quote.

    Family quotes and sayings family at the metal michl discover

    great family sayings and quotes for your decorating in the home

    The happiness and the love of family in a saying or quote back

    Family - What each and every one of us without a family would be? Through the family we have become the people we are today. No matter, whether Large or Small, the family is the most important Foundation in life. Husband, wife, father, mother or children are in good and bad days behind us. The family offers protection, safety, security and love. Particularly parents, provide a social space for growth, development and social skills. Plants, such as roses and other flowers that are often brought into connection with the favorite people, such as man, woman, child, friends. Why not sayings and quotes garden sayings to use?! This is a great idea!

    Sayings and quotes for the garden: garden spells to the metal grid - work in the garden and the word

    Garden-sayings discover for more time in the garden with the family

    Beautiful garden sayings: often followed us from the stress of everyday life. As a Hobby gardener, you know that the garden is a retreat. In harmony with nature, we can leave all the Worries behind us, or at least in the Background move. In particular, gardeners know that the stress of everyday life can be interrupted in the nature pleasant. But also quotes to Think help, stop for a Moment and to reduce a sense of a seed in the consciousness. Many of these quotes, wisdoms and garden sayings to be passed down for generations. Even the great Poets, such as Goethe and Rilke, used to always have a great relationship with the nature.

    Spells family as garden spells

    Proverbs for the family, parents, husband, wife, father, mother and child

    Poetic gardening: The classic sayings and quotes all around the garden and its plants act, in particular, about the beauty of earth and nature. Described year periods, spring, summer, autumn and Winter. Poems and sayings about rose-Bush thorns, or thorn shrub roses. And the most classic bridge is well beaten for love. Romantic sayings and quotes that touch the heart of the gardener. Sayings and quotes about a rekindled love that blooms like a Rose.

    Quotes and sayings of family and sayings garden

    Garden Proverbs with sayings and quotes family: The garden as a retreat, is also a place for the family. Whether with a parent, child or friends, the garden is a place of meeting and the joint family life. Here you can spend the time with husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister or child. Here in nature to the happiness of life and enjoy. Therefore, this happiness is to be played back on family, even often in words. Sayings and quotes about family and are perfect for your own garden as garden spells.

    The subject of the family plate as a gift from the metal grate: family, parable, and family quotes

    Great idea, sayings and quotes on saying metal sign stainless gift: Let your feelings run free and make your loved one happy. Give the gift of signs, for example, to the birth of a child, and they give the notion of family-specific expression.

    Blank spell signs, sayings family home for yourself

    Beautiful wall saying family for the home do-it-yourself: thoughts can run free

    With a Blank spell-shield metal rust from the metal michl you can the theme of family with family quotes and family saying creative decorating. Write a quote that expresses the happy life at home with the family. With a family motto and family quotes, you give your own life is the motto at home expression. This spell shields the family from metal rust are not only beautiful accessories in-house, your thoughts reflect, but also a creative decoration in your home.

    Stainless signs are Blank you will find in the Shop here.

  • Sprüche Garten
  • Sprüche Pferde
  • Sprüche Lebensweisheiten

    beautiful sayings about the life and the wisdom we learn from it for the garden, and as wall paintings

    A sense saying is always something personal: Either it touches us guides us, or we will shake your head in disbelief... no Matter because every spell has only a part of the whole big truth about life. Important is only that each individual aud takes the beautiful Lebebnsweisheiten his personal quotes and sayings about life to Heart. these sayings life does not make us better people, but we can work day-to-day to us. The Best thing about the future is that each day comes one at a time! :-)

    With us You can find signs with sayings touch the heart and the mind... Thoughtful sayings, you can as well as life-affirming good news to discover!

    If you are looking for Inspiration, then You can discover life in this collection of the sayings here are more sayings:

    beautiful sayings with words to live by:

    You have to have courage to live. But also a long breath, and Believing in yourself.

    – Author unknown

    The criticism of others has spared none of its own performance.

    – Noël Coward

    Way of life succeed in any human being by accident. You have to learn, as long as one lives, how one should live.
    – Seneca

    The time is a vindictive Bandit who steals the beauty of our former selves.
    – attributed to: Raphael

    Whatever you do, act as if the world was watching you.
    – Thomas Jefferson

    Nobody is as uninteresting as a person without interests.
    – Author unknown

    Sorg, but don't worry too much. It's all coming but as God wants it.
    – Author unknown

    Twenty years from now you will more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the things you've done.
    – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

    The child is the man's father.
    – William Wordsworth

    I'd rather pass in front of passion than of boredom.
    – Emile Zola

    If the heart is healthy, the head is never very bad.
    – Theodor Font-Ante

    With Faith alone you can do little. But without him, nothing.
    – Samuel Butler

    Character, not circumstances make the man.
    – Booker T. Washington

    Whatever you are: Trying to be good at it.
    – William Makepeace Thackeray

    Everything Beautiful in life has a catch: Either it is immoral or illegal or it makes you fat.
    – Author unknown

    Speak softly and carry a big stick.
    – Theodore Roosevelt

    Nowadays people know the price and not the value.
    – Oscar Wilde

    When I was little I thought money was the most important thing in life. Today, I am old, I know that It is true.
    – Oscar Wilde

    Two paths are offered in the forest with me, I took the one less traveled by, and that changed my life.
    – Robert Frost

    Live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse.
    – Irene L. Luce

    Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.
    – Helen Keller

    To begin, stop talking and do start.
    – Walt Disney

    Only into the full human life!
    Everyone lives,
    not many is it known,
    and where is your’s boxes,
    since s is interesting.
    – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Start now to live and count each day as a life.
    – Seneca

    Those who don't appreciate life do not deserve life.
    – Leonardo da Vinci

    Life is like an onion: You cut off disc for disc, and sometimes you weep.
    – Author unknown

    Art of life –
    to live easily, without levity,
    to be serene, without exuberance,
    To have courage without Cockiness.
    – Theodor Fontane

    Nothing makes you get old faster than the thought that you get older.
    – Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

    As the Suffering increases, so the strength to bear it increases.
    – Johann Caspar Lavater

    Six hours are enough for work; the other to say to people: live!
    – Lucian

    Never of the people is to value yourself low, who has no self-confidence, has no happiness in life.
    – Indian proverb

    It is not so important, as long as our life lasts, but what is the quality we give to the life – how we make it useful, and how much joy and we love to pass on.
    – Author unknown

    Life is like a play: It doesn't matter how long it is, but as colorful.
    – Seneca

  • lustige Sprüche
  • Lieblingsplatz...

    Garden signs with lettering favorite place

    What's Your favorite place?

    My favorite place is a secret, the verate I Is not You :-) makes it a favorite place? Your favorite spot in the Restaurant when Italians? Is it the always the same beautiful table, You with your friends? Or Your favorite place in the world the most beautiful place in the garden? A garden bench, a place by the pond? Not only in the Restaurant we have our secret favorite places... Show you where feel most Comfortable. A hobby chefs, also found in the kitchen your favorite place. With our signs and lettering, you can draw your special and individual Plätzlein worthy. Then it is no longer a secret: This is my favorite place!

    Beautiful metal signs favorite place for Indoor and outdoor use, for example as a garden plug or door sign and lettering for hanging

    Not only as a garden sign embellishing the nest You Your favorite place. Our lettering, You can also in the indoor area wonderful as a wall decoration. In the Private verzierst You offer with a chalkboard in the living room, the bathroom or the kitchen, Your favorite room... Or do You want to give your guest a special stay? As the Hotel decoration from the beach hotel to the apartment You can show each guest that You thought of beautiful places for your visitors. The decor in the restaurant has changed, what used to be the "Stammtisch" is the favourite space for guests. So everyone show your most beautiful places.

    A decorative plate favorite place as a garden sign:

    Garden signs as a metal shield or wood shield show us not only the preferences of the gardener, but above all, they Organize the garden and give structure. As a decorative plate, You can assign your garden a specific place. Each plate is due to its different shape suitable suitable. As a garden connector, it fits in every Flower bed. Our steles room dividers and privacy protection in one. A guest shows it, the upper of this is welcome and shows that here we feel and well, this place in the garden we love. In the night you can illuminate the plate full of atmosphere, either from the front or as passive lighting and also in the evening

    The garden of shield favorite place: home decoration idea as a rust shield

    Our garden signs with the slogan are lovingly crafted verdict sheets, the fit gardens in modern gardens as well as in the country house. In various recesses of shapes from Oval to Angular, the garden signs favorite view place enchantingly beautiful. The intricately crafted lettering seem nostalgic and evoke Childhood memories. Not only is the Text of the garden of shield favorite place awakens old memories, the precious rust Patina looks like it would have to listen carefully because... Because of the antiquated rust-optic effect, as the garden sign would be appropriate for many decades. Simply select your place of... a suitable spot, You know already... If the garden signs with favorite place in a garden pavilion, a quaint wooden bench hanging or Your city balcony or the terrace next to the garden pond to decorate - Then you can say that It is "My favorite place"

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  • Genuss Sprüche über...
  • Angel quotes and angel...

    Angels are messengers and angels sayings and quotes are joyful messages that touch our hearts

    "A very warm welcome to our angel spell page. Where it fit angel spells better than Rostge metal signs? Especially, the spells are just Unique in that the grate plates are in their origin. Our metal signs are available with a noble patina, which is made of real rust. This rust is, of course, and therefore always unique.

    • Rust is also an expression of transience, and this is associated with the meaning of life closely.
    • In the consciously be on our impermanence, to give sayings about angels strength, support, courage, and a piece of give us a sense.

    An angel spell on a rust shield is an ideal combination to suggest to us is a daily reminder of how beautiful life is, and that there is always someone to look after us. Angel spells for me (Michael Blanz) is one of the most beautiful products in our range. Nothing makes more sense than a spell, touches us in our hearts and our selection of angel quotes touches me each and every day. I am glad that you have found our page with a great angel sayings on Rusty Blechschsildern. You rejoice with me over these decorative sayings, where you will find that the friendship with the angels Hand-in-Hand... Michael Blanz"

    Friends are like angels, you can't always see, but if you need it you will be Engel Sprüche und Zitatethere for you.

    Friendship sayings are angels sayings. A good friend is really like an angel. You know what we mean by these mottos...

    Do you believe in guardian angels?

    Angel sayings are not only for the hard times in life. They are a nice gift as a Poet-for a birth, christening, birthday, wedding and Christmas. Everywhere there, where you had to be very lucky for example, after an accident, or bie a of the exam, it is said that the guardian angel has to watch out. Of course you can also find sayings about guardian angels from the sky.

    Speaking of heaven: an angel fell from the sky? Friend.

    Garden signs with angels sayings

    A guardian angel spell, or a spell on angel, you will always see hääufiger in the garden. As a garden sign sayings about angels and friends are very popular. Our Rusty signs with quotes and mottos are weatherproof and can be hung everywhere in the garden as a garden decoration. The cord allows you to attach off and the shields as a wall image of a tree or stone wall. Please always make sure that rust when the rain is wet and will RUB off and hang the signs, therefore, is on a white wall. Because in the garden you can always use a guardian angel.

    You have not found your personal angel spell?

    You are missing a angel saying or your favourite quote in our collection? All the angels sayings, you can also write on our metal sheets to create your own. For this reason we have collected here are more contradictions for you: a Lot of fun with the most beautiful angels quotes on the web at:

    Three angels may accompany You
    in Your whole life time,
    and the three angels that guide You,
    are: love, happiness, satisfaction.

    - Folk wisdom

    We can't see the angels,
    but it is enough that they see us.

    – Charles Haddon Spurgeon

    It is not known
    where angels dwell –
    whether in the air, in the empty
    Space or on the planet.
    God has not willed,
    that we

    – Voltaire

    Every Blade Of Grass
    has his angel,
    the bends over him
    and he whispers:
    Waxes, and waxes!

    - from the Talmud

    Friends are angels who help us on our feet when our wings have forgotten how to fly...

    - Proverb

    Because you can't call angels without wings angels are called friends!!!

    Source with other great awards

    You think of angels, they move their wings.

    – Israeli Proverb

    I'm your angel watching over you.
    The love you day and night.
    Kissing you in sleep and dream.
    I love you so much, you wouldn't believe!
    - Your Mom

    If you go on the road,
    may meet a friendly look you.
    If you're on the road,
    may have a guardian angel to you the right way.

    - Irish Blessing

    A child has come into the world somewhere,
    an angel puts himself next to him.
    And day for day and night,
    a life-long, it is now guarded.

    - Proverb, and congratulations on the birth of

    When in the house of love lives, are called the inhabitants of the angels, and the house is a Paradise

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