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weitere Frühjarsdeko für Haus und Garten

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    The DIY spring decorations craft ideas from the metal michl - the self-styled spring blossom for home

    With an original and bright decoration in the spring - not long now until the start of spring! The longing for Sunny and bright days to thrive. It is time to put away the winter decoration, and to devote themselves to a fresh and bright atmosphere. The spring is for joy, Elan and ease. This applies of course also at home-Decorate.

    Homemade decoration adds a bright accents and Tinker the child awakens in us. The Inspiration for Tinkering with spring decorations, you can find the metal michl. To be able to creative designing we offer you high-quality products. It is a pleasure always to decorate our home, our children learn the importance of a self-made decoration. They celebrate with great decoration ideas and enthusiasm to the spring by crafting your own spring decorations.

    Most of the time it goes on the subject of Tinkering to conventional craft materials such as paper, wood, cardboard, and glass. Templates by Gluing, Painting and sewing decorative items such as school bags, paper flowers and Easter eggs by DIY restore there is not enough. And each child brings such craft ideas from the Kindergarten and from the school.

    Here you will find, however, craft ideas with and around stainless stainless and how you can quickly make an individual pretty decoration itself. You can find suggestions to make a fun and creative spring decorating. Creative craft ideas to do it themselves for the whole family! Parents can create crafts with the children a new Look for house and apartment. Children's Crafts for, encourage you and fun for your children. By the way, you create new ideas with a unique atmosphere. Living doesn't have to be always the same, Welcome to the DIY craft ideas with rostikalem Flair and in a new color! Instructions on how to Tinker around with stainless-metal, and a suitable decoration, you will find the following DIY ideas.

    Crafts for the spring – let them now of the most beautiful craft ideas to inspire you!

    DIY Crafts garden-, Plot - and tree - plugs

    Homemade has a nostalgic and pleasant look. Get the rostikale and idyllic mood in the house and garden. Flowers are in the spring very popular and not only decorate your window sills. With our great flower plugs, the green charges can be decorated easily. Shapes such as hearts, angels, cats, dahlias, Ginkgo leaves and of course the chicken in the palm kitten wreath speak for itself and decorate with taste your plants. In addition, the flower Bed and flower plugs with maintenance tips, or a snappy slogan label. The ideal pens you can also find with us. With a neat handwriting, you receive works of art that are creative and fast. Take rust of metal decorative chains, for example, in the shape of hearts, butterflies, clover leaves, cherries, or rabbit, and the original spring decorating is already done – each child is radiation due to the funny shapes.

    With our great stainless stainless-tree plugs for a personalized and colorful spring decorating is easy to Tinker with. You take a Board or a piece of wood, and then a beat such as a Mini-plug of our farm animals. Pimped with moss, ornamental plants, and candles or lanterns, you will receive a miniature farm. Small children learn the different animals on the farm – educational, Decorate with products from the metal michl.

    Example of a self-made animal family with our precious rust-tree plugs

    DIY Crafts with planters

    With planters and vases in the spring easy homemade decorations to arrange. Cut flowers and potted plants with colorful flowers and rich Greenery, the positive mood of spring to symbolize leaves. Great craft ideas in the sign of new beginnings and the beginning of life. You have to show your joy in life and creativity with the Material of stainless rust.

    Precious rust of planting, pillars and shells bring fresh colors into your home. Modern ambience spraying our rust planters in a striking Design. In shapes such as crown, star, rose-flower, Ginkgo leaf, Magnolia, wine barrel, pouring and milk jug, wheelbarrow, Bicycle, rocking horse, garden chair and bench, High Heels, cart, sailboat, rocking chair, etc., will bring you automatically elegance in your home. A shell in the shape of a heart is also an ideal gift for Valentine's day or as a token of Love.

    Examples for the use of our creative Planters made of stainless metal for a homemade spring decorations

    With the tried-and-tested seed metal as a semi-bullets, tear-shells of stainless bowls, Chinese brick shape, pyramids, wave shells, as the Planting steps, as the metal bag or as a hanging basket to Hang flowers and plants can be wonderful decorative order. Combined with our stainless rust-garden plugs or, for example, with the word "love" made of metal with stainless, rust patina a frivolous Ensemble, which invites to a visit. Flowers such as the Balkans, anemones, Hyacinths, white Crocuses, and Bluebells, yellow winterl Inge, daffodils, primroses or Busch-wind rösschen with cones, branch pieces and a stainless plate with lettering (e.g., "A garden without flowers is like life without love"), a cheerful decoration, which brings to Marvel.

    Tip: Our planters, you can also use it as a template to the conventional Decorating and Crafting. Take rust for example, a precious crown, and decorate them with bamboo pieces, colored cords or ropes, flowers and rattan balls. A great idea for parents who like to Tinker with children.

    A decorated stainless stainless crown - conjures up a color in your spring decor

    DIY Tinker wreaths – small gloss pieces with plant vines

    In addition to a great bouquet of flowers on a table or window sill, colorful wreaths in all sizes and variations of simple ideas as a DIY project. Door-to-door or on the wall as a floral welcome greeting, they are a real eye-catcher. The possibilities are many and varied. A pretty wreath made of branches, moss and spring flowers, crafts or small vases with tulips in a row – and this brings color into your life.

    Except for the classic craft idea with flexible of climbing plant stems decorated with flowers, fruits and berries cones our products are made of metal with precious offer rust patina. You take a Ring made of stainless stainless, flowers, stars, ornaments, palm kitten, or with a logo and combine it with the wreath. Add fresh flowers or fruit shells and put together with a candle stand or candle light, a beautiful decoration. Browse our Online store and let your imagination run free. You come from all alone on creative ideas.

    DIY Crafts with glass

    Another great idea is to rust the combination of our stainless rings with glass vessels and vases. A glass bowl with water and floating flowers in various colors, supplemented with a rust-Ring with flowers and butterflies makes something immediately. On a whim more items to add. Your child will be thrilled to paint, or Tinker, for example, a flower out of paper and to contribute something of the self-made decoration.

    Combination of stainless rust-rings with glass and stainless stainless cups for a perfect spring decoration

  • Tiere im Frühling

    Animals in the spring – a joyful awakening from the winter sleep with the precious rust from metal michl

    If in the spring the sun shines more often and for longer, we feel humored us well, happy, and the desire is increasing? Just as it is with the animals. The awakening of nature, and thus of life, plants and animals in different ways.

    Outside, lively singing is heard. Some creatures, such as rabbit, hare and wild boar have already get a young. Others are busy looking for nesting Material. Reptiles, hedgehogs or squirrels, rigid from the winter.

    When the temperatures rise after a gloomy and grey time of year, again, offers a lot of people on the spring, as nature awakens to new life. A sure sign of spring is the snowdrop, the flower whose petals your way through the snow.

    At the end of the winter, the sun has more power. The flowers are in bloom sprouting in colorful colors and the plants, it is finally green. The good weather brings joy and good mood. With the kids we can take a walk in the Park or on the Lawn and play, do sports or activities. With the first rays of the sun, the child awakened in the people.

    Spring feelings and "butterflies in the stomach"

    For many people, feelings around this time of year, luck wide. The clothing is airy, it is brighter and we are more often in the fresh air. Thus humor and lust for Life are on the rise. Our hormone household comes to boil and this makes for a good atmosphere. People, like animals, in the spring, literally "butterflies in the stomach".

    The spring in the animal world

    In the animal world there are messengers of spring, such as bird flocks, which are to be seen in the sky. It is also warm enough for the insects. Soon, buzzing, buzzing and crawling around. The males of the animal Kingdom to show their best side, and they want to attract females. They sing, perform dances, or to fluff up. You carry out battles with rivals and leave no stone unturned to impress.

    Squirrels are in need of rest after the winter very early in the year. The end of February the mating season, when males and females deliver through the Branches of chases begins.

    Hedgehog awakening sleep in April from the winter. However, other animals are already eager. The young blackbirds, hatched in the last year, samples of their first songs.

    With precious animals rust discover the world and learn – With us you find the right Material for a fun and educational class!

    With rising temperatures, it is even homebodies. In nature there is to discover. Not only outside, in the Kindergarten or in elementary school Know about the animals in the spring game and have fun. The topic should not appear as dry as the rest of the curriculum. With the precious rust of metal michl, you can give your child is teaching it in the school. The idea is to convey the content and an image of the spring theme in the game. For example, by tinkering with animals from stainless-metal. Your child will Learn without realizing it and even a better student.

    Birds to allocate in the first Season after her singing. With the funny bird-figurines made of precious rust from metal michl this is achieved as in the game. In addition, your child learns the appearance of our feathered friends. The Small, which are still in the nursery or in the nursery, so be prepared for the primary school. Let your child, for example, in the garden, a Nest craft and equip it every day with different animals made of stainless metal. Watch the reaction of your pupil to the different types and how quickly he learns this. The matching stainless-birds you get online with us individually or in a Set.

    With the different spring animals made of precious rust from the metal michl children grow up to be living beings with respect to nature. Whether on the floor (mice, frogs, hedgehogs, rabbits, sheep), in the forest or on the tree (squirrels, woodpeckers) or in the air (insects such as bees, butterflies, birds) – for each habitat you will find the correct animal figures.

  • Fensterdeko Frühling

    Spring window decoration made of precious stainless-tale for a beautiful home

    You breathe life into your home with our great ideas for self-designed and-made window decoration life. The window image is determined, the atmosphere and conjures up a magical atmosphere in any room. Our modern DIY ideas and decoration articles made of stainless metal and are perfect for a fresh living room design in the spring. You Tinker with a few colorful and great window handles for decoration and liven up your Home. Create new living environments and you bring a special kind of attitude to life.

    The best ideas for spring decorations in the window – a taste full of spring greeting to all!

    Charming spring decorations helps combat winter fatigue. With our decorating ideas for the theme window decoration spring they bring colour into your home and provide a great Aura. With the DIY decoration guide for the home and garden of metal michl is very easy to redecorate. A ring is the most beautiful Season of the year and let the spring in your heart. With spring-like window decoration delight those who throw in from the outside a look at your window. In particular, if window and table decoration to lead to a harmonious overall image, provide a cheerful mood and color in the lives of their fellow human beings.

    Window decoration spring Crafts and Decorating with pleasure and fun as you awaken the child in you!

    DIY craft ideas and instructions for Easter are effortless to find and nothing Special. Only bunnies and Easter eggs are but usually. A precious rust-decoration from its own creation for the window seat is in the spring even better. The bright light of the spring sun lights up the spring decorations, and your entire living area is enchanting. Candle holders, table lamps, vases, flowers, wreaths with birds or wind game-the heart of noble rust, with us you can find the right decorative objects for the spring.

    Cheerful window pictures crafts for spring - DIY craft ideas - The more original the better

    Already in the Kindergarten, children make different designs, which find their place in the image window. Is usually a colorful picture made of paper or beautiful figures made of fabric, wood or clay. Here you will find an online idea to use the template for crafting your children perfectly. So you can leave with our wide range of products made of precious pretty colorful window grate pictures along with the Small.

    The craft ideas for beautiful window decor with our noble rust decoration is very diverse. One of the easiest ways to craft a pretty window decoration is stands with flowers and creative planters from stainless-metal. You can use stainless our rose petals and a heart made of precious or any of our gnomes made of ceramic, and then replant them with beautiful colorful spring flowers. Decorate the flower articles, such as ropes, garlands, candles or raffia in bright colours pots with further decoration. Your children can also Tinker with, and, for example, a self-painted picture to contribute, colored motifs such as butterflies or flowers out of paper, cutting and gluing. Our candle holders, lanterns, and flower rings, made of metal with stainless, rust patina fit to the resulting spring-window image is wonderful. Thus, the Shape of the window images is game for kids. This craft idea is very easy to connect with the design of a herbal corner. So easy to decorative with the useful connect. In the case of metal michl you will find the innovative article and the best ideas for a chic home accessories in all colors and shapes.

    Window pictures of spring – the Inspiration for great decoration ideas find

    Let yourself be inspired by the aesthetic of the flowers, tasteful floral containers, and decorative animal figures made of precious stainless or colorful decorative watering cans for your window. Take advantage of our lovely butterflies, cats, hens, or other animals, and shape it with our decorative chains in the shape of hearts, shamrocks, flowers, cherries, Apples, pears, etc. your very own window image. The imagination has no limits.

    Another DIY craft idea for a piece of the joy of living by Decorating the Windows in fresh colors offer lanterns and lanterns made of glass and stainless metal. Even if they are often used in autumn and Winter, they create wonderful lighting effects in the room and create a feeling of warmth and well-being. The lanterns and wind lights are used as a template and with colorful flowers and vases or, for example, a stainless stainless-sundial complements. Stick the motifs and figures from colored paper, to get an atmospheric picture window for the spring and summer. With this decoration idea, you can create a cosy reading corner. The place is always lit well, and invites you to cozy reading in a book. Another piece of quality of life for the whole family.

    Decoration for window hanging a tried and tested idea fresh and new

    To emphasize the height of the room is a hanging festive decoration a very nice idea. With a curtain rod of the appropriate suspension for the newly revived Trend of flower traffic lights available. Equip grate with leaves, vines, sun, bees, dragonflies, owls, pigeons, or a wind chime made of glass or stainless. You will receive automatically an individual creative window decoration.

    Get with our great ideas spring into your home! With the magnificent colors we make each day a Smile on the lips, and thanks to a beautiful decoration, only the spring has arrived in our home.

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