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    Edelrost Herzen zum Aufhängen, als Willkommensgruß und viele weitere rostige Herz Ideen für Sie.

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    Hier finden Sie rostige Skulpturen und Kunstobjekte, die komplett in Handarbeit hergestellt werden. Diese Rostskulpturen sind alle Unikate und etwas ganz besonderes. Verleihen sie Ihrem Garten einen exklusiven Blickfang mit unseren Handgearbeiteten Metallobjekten in Edelrost Optik.

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  • Gartenzwerge aus...

    Garden gnomes – the classical and traditional decoration for the garden

    Originally called gnomes-character known, were garden gnomes hand-painted made from marble, Sandstone and baked clay made. Nowadays, there are usually reasonably priced plastic-made figures of a dwarf, which are used for the decoration of the garden and the living room. Estimated today in German gardens alone, about 25 million of the droll figures.

    In the case of metal michl Fans of the popular characters will find fine rust-garden gnomes for a tasteful and successful garden decoration.

    The origin and history of garden gnomes

    The garden decorative items are considered "typically German". Early garden gnomes were garden-the device and the characteristic red tip fitted hats. It is attributed to them, to protect the garden and bring good luck.

    Just the "urdeutsche" garden gnome shows that there used to be globalization. The original form was actually around 800 years ago in Anatolia. In the mining slaves from North Africa were often used. To avert the seemingly supernatural forces of the forced laborers, were put small clay figures in the landscape. The Phrygian cap, pointing clearly to their origin. Italian traders brought the characters to Italy. There they soon found the noble appeal and have been placed in Parks. In the 16th century, they were then also on this side of the Alps, and dwarfs the progenitors of the Baroque.

    Dwarves are found in mythology as well as in to Say. Just as in many fairy tales of the brothers Grimm. Already in the Renaissance rulers for entertainment with small surrounded themselves challenged, or deformed people. The so-called Hofzwergen should expel boredom. Already Meissen and Vienna porcelain manufactory produced porcelain figurines are in production. Around 1800, the first series production of garden gnomes (Pixies) took place in England. Classic garden gardeners or miners were dwarves often modeled. Especially by a leather apron and a shovel, pickaxe, lamp or wheelbarrow, and red pointed cap.

    You will find the right offer to the gnomes, the gnomes and garden dwarves from stainless rust in a classic Design.

    Rost Gartenzwerg lustig - Gartendeko Rost - Edelrost - Rost Deko - Rost Gartendeko

    Funny garden gnome with a mushroom made of stainless metal for a successful garden decoration

    Revival and controversy

    Through the creation of new, provocative models of garden gnomes learned after 1990, a "re-birth". The interest of the media resulted in many new lovers of the garden gnome. This could start with the classic dwarf nothing. This cult continues today, since the producers pick up again and happen again-to-date topics from the world of politics and day, and new dwarves to map.

    Many lovers of classic garden gnomes a more recent design are dwarves in unusual poses (for example, with pants down) is frowned upon. Similarly, the inclusion of female dwarf characters in the range is criticized, although these are not dwarves already were in the Baroque garden rare. In the Smurfs, a modern-day Version of the garden gnome theme.

    Garden gnomes were considered the epitome of philistinism, as well as a sign of bad taste. They were assigned to the category of Kitsch. The low point of the reputation is run through the end of the 1960s. Because of the modern design of the dwarves, and due to a change in the attitude to the Kitsch. Garden gnomes are also understood as an ironic representation of the 'German Michel'.

    Click through our category and you order online your garden gnome in the funny Design at an affordable price. To the right is your neighbours envy you. You can delight the kids with our cute garden gnomes are made of rustproof metal.

    Garden gnomes made of stainless stainless -, the timeless garden design

    Figures, statues and of course the good old garden gnome are great accessories for the decoration of the terrace and the garden. Mushrooms and other garden statues are also in high demand. The amusing garden gnomes are particularly recommended since they are easy to care for, inexpensive, durable, and funny.

    The dwarf divides the country like no other decorative items. For some, it is the Symbol of the German petty-bourgeoisie. For Others, a rustic rich in tradition and appreciation of the Front garden. Against all odds, the little guy looking back with the red caps a long history. And in a successful future as the decorative accessory for the garden and outdoor area.

    Immerse yourself in the funny world of garden gnomes. You can order rust-still today, a precious garden gnome. This is just waiting your house and protect your garden and bring you happiness.

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    From Aries to fish, all the pictures you can buy from us. We offer figurines, plates, plugs, rusted metal in our Shop

  • Sun watches

    A sundial in the garden compass and quality of the garden decoration is at the same time

    The sundial is the oldest known Instrument to measure time. A sundial is a beautiful and practical garden decorations. There is a large range of sundials from various materials such as stainless steel, wrought iron or cast iron. Our sundial is made of stainless rust. This durable garden sundial is a convenient and however weather, durable and the Design is very appealing. Our sundial in price and quality enrichment for your individual garden.

    How does the "sundial garden"?

    In short, shows a sundial with the help of the State of the sun in the sky the time of day. The principle of such a precious rust or stainless steel sundial at is basically quite simple.: By a rod to the clock, a shadow is generated. Then the sundial will be made of the garden in a certain relationship to the sun. Now the shadow shows up to the Minute, Roman numerals, the time of day. A stainless steel sundial is not always the same, like a precious sundial rust to günsitgen price. Sundials have been fascinated in the ancient child, he and adult, and the Charm of this sundial garden remains unchanged. For this reason, the stainless steel sundial is one of the most popular Dekorattion in the house and the garden to the fountain and Gartenzwergenn. If you buy a precious rust sundial, make runs at us with nothing. Stainless steel is cool and not nearly as harmonious as the warm brown tone of a sundial in stainless.

    Get with a sundial, a piece of history home with you:

    Our sundial garden rusty metal is not only a decorating idea for the garden: This "sundial garden" modern Design with Roman numerals reminds of the history of the Ancient world. The unique Design of our sundial gives each plot a compass, a centre. This sundial makes a certain amount of Something in your garden! Roman, Greek or Egyptian? Who invented the sundial? Yes, even at the beginning of the 19th century. Century was meant to be the Sonneuhr, if of watches was spoken. On Wikipedia you can find more information about the sundial.

    Material Info stainless stainless compared to a sundial made of stainless steel:

    Stainless steel is a nice design element for clear, well-structured gardens, but the cold and cool does not want to soft in the case of stainless steel. When the sun shines on the stainless steel which also has many disturbing and dazzling. Therefore, these precious stainless watch is so fascinating. The sundial is not painted with a color, but will, with time, individual work of art in your garden decoration.

    Our Tip:

    You make the small sundial on a pillar, stone, or a Socket, and the time and the current hour is easier to read. The sundial works imposantz and at the same time like a sculpture. This is not only decorative, but also fully in Trend, modern and fit in with the Vintage Look.

    for more information:

    Our Online Shop offers you a cheap price, if you want to buy solar watches. You will also find thousands of rust-articles and decorations of a Special kind: Make a picture about our interesting offer for the house, terrace and balcony. In addition to this garden watch, you can in our Shop other information around metal with rust patina.

  • Wood / Rust Combinations

    einzigartige Kombinationen aus Naturprodukt Holz mit Edelrost - jedes Stück ein Unikat

  • Pond decorations +...

    Tolle Deko für Ihren Gartenteich, am See oder maritim: Z.b. Angler, Badenixen aber auch Frösche und Seerosen und Schilf! Was hier nicht ist, ist nirgendwo :-)

  • Allgäu-Collection

    Eine Kollektion für Inghuimische (Einheimische), Züegreiste (Zugereiste) und alle Anderen die unser schönes Allgäu lieben.

  • Witches , Elfs and...

    Hier findens Sie rostige Deko Highlights rund um das Thema Drachen. Hexe, Wikinger, Einhörner, Elfe und Fee. Natürlich ist diese Kategorie leicht verzaubert...

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  • Globe and world map...

    Discover the earth with a globe for the garden of rust

    Do You remember the time when You were a kid and the globe have turned? The whole earth in your Hand? The power of the globe is fascinating, and encouraged the whole world to discover. For all the Globetrotters out there, it is the perfect decoration, the big world in your own garden to admire, a globe as a garden decoration.

    If You like to travel a lot, fits a globe or a world globe as a decoration in the garden is perfect to you. You have to get the whole world to your home, in your own cozy little garden world. So You Think the globe from your sun lounger made of and can you on upcoming travel offers and the most beautiful memories back.

    The burning globe as the globe

    Regardless of how big your garden is, a the style full globe as a garden decoration is always an exclusive piece of jewelry. He is a fancy way of garden decoration, which attracts glances, and the whole earth is in a simplified ornamental Form. Your globe can even rotate, in the same way as a conventional globe. Thus, You can align it as you like best, and you've always targets the ideal views of your favorite travel.

    A special Highlight on your globe is, that You him in the night light can. Through the built-in fire bowl , it is possible to have a fire inside your Globe to make. You entzündest the core of the earth. This looks to be a really great, on the other, is your burning Globe gives this light and heat. A real Highlight for your garden in warm summer nights.

    If You prefer less dramatic, you can replant your blue planet. The fire bowl can be as a planter repurpose. Thus, You can use your favorite flowers in the Interior of the globe, plants and your globe will turn to green planet.

    The large world very small

    The world map gives you a complete Overview of all the continents, You've got the whole world in a compact in front of you. Unlike a globe, rather, a decorative figure for the Outdoor range, is a map of the world as Indoor and Outdoor wall decoration.

    With a Hiking map, You will be hanging the whole earth on the wall. Your world map is a very special eye-catcher that meets its viewer immediately with a sense of Wanderlust. She lets you directly of your next travel dream to your friends and family of your adventures to tell. A world map is a modern wall decoration, which is suitable for any room in your home, You with the big wide world want to meet.

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    Hier finden Sie Zubehör für unsere Edelrost Deko, z.b. Gläser und Rostschutzimprägnierung

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    Trenddeko Rost im schicken Barock Design Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl an Rostiger Deko im Stil des Barock

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