Trennwand und Sichtschutzzaun Metall 180 cm hoch 

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Flexible fences made of metal with a height of 180 cm:

A partition wall made of metal as privacy fence metal provide structure and privacy to terrace and garden

What's the best garden use for that, if you will eat from prying eyes practically? The garden as a retreat for the well-being for many people is very important. Therefore, we rust provid...

Flexible fences made of metal with a height of 180 cm:

A partition wall made of metal as privacy fence metal provide structure and privacy to terrace and garden

What's the best garden use for that, if you will eat from prying eyes practically? The garden as a retreat for the well-being for many people is very important. Therefore, we rust provide suitable fences and partition walls made of the Material of metal, so that you can yourself and your garden decoration to protect from uninvited eyes. Our fences not only serve their purpose but look good too. Eye-catching and eye protection in one - a practical combination of view, protective metal grate makes it possible!

A metal partition wall in the garden is not only a privacy fence but also a decorative eye-catcher

The following features of our point of view, the protection wall metal 180 cm high together:

  • durable and stable: A metal privacy fence 180 x 90 cm from the metal michl is stable and of high quality. The thickness of the material of at least 2 mm sheet thickness guarantees a service life of approximately 20 years. In contrast to the Corten steel, our vision is made protection wall safe steel and can safely be used in vegetable or herb garden. Why we don't use Corten steel, you will learn here: What is the difference between stainless steel is rust and Corte?

  • weather-resistant: These fences made of metal know no bad weather! Neither rain, hail, or extreme heat and UV exposure can harm those walls a little.

  • frost-proof and suitable for Winter use: In Winter, you need not worry about the strange looks. In contrast to hedges and shrubs, this metal can throughout the year, with a partition wall remain standing and can withstand the cold and snow.

  • easy to care for: The rust patina is similar to Corten steel festitzend and requires no maintenance. With time the Patina develops. More information about the topic of stainless rust you can learn here: What is stainless stainless?

  • flexible stand: These fences 180 cm high are suitable because of their high-quality workmanship for a diverse and flexible use. The supplied stand can be flexibly adapted to the back sides of square tubes plugged. So you can set up the privacy fence 180 cm flexible as well, on a terrace or balcony. Please note that fences 180 cm storm are high, if these are established with the stand.

  • solid border fence is 180 cm high for a permanent Installation: For a storm-safe mounting we offer as an accessory, solid 4-square tubes that you set in concrete can. So you can choose from a flexible metal to a point of view, partition wall, protective fence Storm-proof and completely weatherproof.

A garden view protection, protect from prying eyes

You want to preserve the privacy of the garden or on the terrace, but at the same time, the plot is not drab bricking, then our point of view are the protection walls made of metal stainless is just Right for you. The precious rust protective walls are not only an eye-catcher, but also a view of protection, to see - what a word game!

With point of view protection fences: Any arrangement of the sight protection strip

Due to the practical design of our metal partition walls and metal grate point of view, rust fences of protection, these can be used and mounted. Metal fences are available in various sizes and point of view protection elements. So, you can arrange the strips as desired. This makes our stainless grate elements. Not the garden, the terrace or the balcony should be adapted to the privacy fence, but the privacy fence to match the garden. For these reasons, you can use the layer of protection the elements from the metal Material, as desired. Whether as wind protection or protection from the sun. The very stable Form of the metal fences is the ideal solution for protection from the weather in the garden.

Partition the garden and garden view protection as a protection for plants

You can use our point of view protection elements as protection for your plants. Whether as a protection against too much sun, Wind or heavy rain. Due to the flexible mounting, you can put the items easily and quickly as desired.

Protection: view of the metal fence as a space divider

You can use the fence elements are also available as a room divider for the terrace or the apartment. In order to give to the terrace and the plot more structure. By, resulting from various sub-areas, you can devote each in the garden or on the terrace, undisturbed, his Hobby.

A border fence approval may be only 180 cm high. The Sichtschutzzäne and dividers in this category meet the the right location for fencing as border construction:

Before setting up however, a partition wall, protective wall or fence in the garden, we would like to inform you a little bit about the legal situation to any potential disputes or the like to prevent with the neighbors or the authorities. If a hedge is too close to the neighboring property planted or too high a wall is built, we will inform you about the legal situation in regard to neighboring rights.

Right: partition wall, garden, and privacy fence - § 903 to § 924 of the

In the Civil code from section 903 to section 924 of the most of Affairs all around the neighboring law - contents of the property. Furthermore, certain Rights are in relation to the fence and the wall of the countries or the local authorities themselves regulated. Therefore, you should always contact the local authorities.

Design of the private property boundary: the development plans for the city and the municipality of enclosure

The design of your own property line, by, for example, a garden fence, is governed by the development plans of the city and municipality. Here is the overall image of the residential area in the foreground, which may not be changed by your project significantly. So exaggerated words, if the homes in your neighborhood have two floors, would be a construction of a forty-story skyscraper to be rather difficult. The technical term, relating to fence and wall, is this the usual enclosure.

Partition wall garden, garden view protection view protection reason, or a border device?

Very important is the Definition of your partition wall of the garden and its view of protection wall as a border device , or View a protected ground, such as the protection of privacy. The border device means, the marking of the neighboring border. In the case of a border institution of the neighbouring has to be asked - according to the law of neighbours - a permit so that a wall or fence is to be erected. Also, the legislature may require a marking of the neighboring property line. In this case, both parties must bear the cost of the enclosure. In the case of a removal of the wall or fence by law, the same rules apply.

Height of the partition wall of the garden and height of privacy fence

The height of the partition wall of the garden and height of privacy fence, as well as the respective distance are also recorded in the neighboring right or in the development plans of the municipalities. As a rough guide, the fences, the property line shall apply to, between 40 cm and 90 cm high. As the partition wall garden or garden view, protection should be the height between 170 cm and 190 cm. The distance to the neighboring property, if not otherwise defined, is at least 50 cm. Depending on the state and municipality Einfriedigungen can be up to 180 cm and sometimes approval.

Unnatural and natural point of view, protection of the dead fence and a living fence

Wall and fence be used as dead fencing and hedges as a living fence .

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