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Tolle Deko für Ihren Gartenteich, am See oder maritim: Z.b. Angler, Badenixen aber auch Frösche und Seerosen und Schilf! Was hier nicht ist, ist nirgendwo :-)

  • Sea and lake

    From trout to sea horses, all the pictures you can buy from us. We offer figurines, plates, plugs, rusted metal in our Shop

  • Garden pond
  • Deko Fische

    This decorative fish is made of sheet metal, not everyone has:

    Discover great decorative fish made of sheet metal and stainless grate, for example, as murals, and as a garden decoration

    Our beautiful, hand-crafted metal decorative fish are a charming garden decoration for all: friends are there from a Maritime decoration. The fish are made of sheet metal, you can hang up at home as wall or window decoration. outside, the decorative fish made of sheet metal to make a good impression, for example, a garden pond, the Pool, and also between the Reeds and in the rock garden, the fish from sheet to enchant your garden. most of the decorative fish are rust from stainless and all unique. We also offer fish made of sheet metal, which are hand-painted. You can use these in the home, for instance, as a bathroom decoration.

    Wall decoration fish metal as a Maritime mural

    Our fish made of sheet metal with a patina are all unique and very special wall paintings. The Patina of each metal fish is unique. Please note that our stainless can RUB off rust decoration, if this is wet. In Wet areas, e.g. bathrooms, we recommend to treat the wall decoration fish metal with Owatrol.

    Decorative fish in a different way:

    Here you will find not just a wall of pictures of fish, but also unusual decorative fish for different occasions: how about a privacy wall made of metal with a shoal of Fish as a motif. Or a decorative school of Fish as the wind is light? On the summer terrace wind light with fish motif next to the fish pond are a special eye-catcher.

    Garden plug fish from rust:

    Our fish garden plugs are perfect at the gold fish pond, and in addition to any small body of water in the garden. A metal garden plug with fish motif can be beautiful in the reed grass. Our Beetstecker suitable for balcony flower box. The large garden plug fish with a long iron, you can put the rod directly into the pond.

  • Deko Leuchtturm

    A decorative lighthouse is a Gartendekofür all the Fans of the high seas

    Not only if you live on the levee... Our decorative lighthouses from small to large as a maritime decoration for all Fans of the high seas. Here you can order great lighthouses as a garden decoration

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