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XXL Living and enjoying in your garden and your apartment - Patina

Have you been dreaming of something special in your garden or home for a long time? With us you can miss your garden and your apartment a very special touch. Just browse through our assortment of sculptures - rust pillars and steles, outdoor furniture in patina and much more. Hav...

XXL Living and enjoying in your garden and your apartment - Patina

Have you been dreaming of something special in your garden or home for a long time? With us you can miss your garden and your apartment a very special touch. Just browse through our assortment of sculptures - rust pillars and steles, outdoor furniture in patina and much more. Have you ever become aware of the things that are immediately obvious when sightseeing on a road trip? Correct! Large and impressive buildings and sculptures. Thousands, even millions of tourists, who, year after year, fight their way through the confusion of people all over the world, just to catch the one picture. And so it is not surprising that the XXL metal art is something very special for your garden and your home.

Have courage for the big ones

XXL Metal art for the garden and home does not always have to look chunky or obtrusive. This art of fine rust can also show your very subtle and delicate side. This is exactly what makes this art so special for your garden design or home decor. It combines both facets. Impressively large and beautifully discreet at the same time. Have courage for the big ones. Head with the XXL Deco Garden Apartment. Set new standards and trends. This oversized metal art can help you with this and is a garden decoration of a special kind. We also offer in the assortment the possibility with our layer protection walls and screens to arrange the garden and the apartment individually.

XXL metal art flexibly applicable - Patina

Our XXL assortment can be an accessory for any gardening and home decoration. Be inspired by our extensive range of rust sculptures, columns and steles. Find the perfect garden decoration and home decor for any holiday, such as Christmas and Easter. Also explore our range of light columns, fire columns with firing insert including bioethanol. Create a graceful atmosphere in your garden. We also offer the right outdoor furniture for a cozy get-together. We are always happy to advise you. Rust Metal Garden Deco and Living Deco, everything your heart desires in our shop. Simply order online, get online advice or contact us by phone. We are also happy about your contributions via Facebook. Share and connect with us and become part of the team.

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    Sculptures - Rust columns and steles for your own individual garden design

    Whether in the garden, or at home in the living room. Our extensive range of metal art XXL gives your creativity and your desires free rein. Rust pillars and steles out of patina can lend your garden design and / or your home furnishings the extra pizzazz. The garden and interior design gets through the rust columns and steles a very special brand. Sculptures, as well as columns and steles already have a far-reaching significance in the ancient art historical view. There, sculptures, columns and steles were regarded as a status symbol and represented a decorative and architectural architecture. Humans always perceive their surroundings with the five senses. Smelling, hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling. But seeing probably always gives us the first impression. Therefore, it does not surprise you that we put so much love trouble in our living room, so we create for ourselves an oasis of well-being. The fragrance of the flowers and the hustle and bustle in your garden can influence you with the plants you favor. But that certain something, practically the underpainting of the whole, such as the sauce or the spice in a dish, which you will find in our assortment, such as sculptures - rust columns and steles.

    Become a landscape gardener or interior designer - plan and design with patina

    With our sculptures - rust pillars and steles out of patina, every garden and every home becomes unique. Garden design and interior design of a different kind. Let your creativity run free and enchant you with the sculptures - rust pillars and steles made of rust steel, your garden, living room and maybe your / your sweetheart / sweetheart. You can create an unprecedented ambience with your new garden design and living room layout. Artful garden steles and pillars welcome every guest in their garden or home. Create an area of ​​peace and well-being to recover from everyday life. Thus, a re-working of the columns and steles, lights and lanterns, for a new garden and living experience. Equip them with solar or LED lights. The advantage with columns is that they can avoid the annoying cable clutter and they allow exotic lighting effects.

    Create your own creation with your best ideas - in the detail lies something special

    Our sculptures - rust columns and steles out of patina can be customized to your needs. Whether modified to elaborate garden steles, lanterns, light sculptures, simple leutchtende garden decoration, light modules or light columns, everything to your taste. Here you want to live, here you want to live, here you want to design. Live the garden design patina. Let your ideas run wild. Sculptures - Rust Columns and steles will transform your garden and your home into an unprecedented habitat. Create your wellness oasis and a place for rest and enjoyment. Say a place of the senses. Get the vacation home and develop a new lifestyle. No matter for what seasons, whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, patina, makes it possible. Choose from a wide variety of designs in our extensive range, such as Rectangular, Round Columns, Tailed Columns, Trapezoidal, Cone, Almond, Plant Columns and more.

    Rost Deko has its very own touch - patina

    The rust-colored decorative elements made of rust steel enjoy great popularity, because they subtly blend in with their natural color, diverse ambience. In addition, a warm natural color gives you the feeling of security. Pretty ornaments accentuate the uniqueness of the sculptures - rust pillars and stelae. Our products are perfect for the garden flora. Personalized flower bed. The most beautiful spring ideas with our Rust pillars. Realize the latest plant trends. With your individual rust accessories made of metal, the garden will bloom properly! With the garden sculptures you create the appropriate ambience for your flowers and plants. The joy of the colorful flowers is thus many times bigger. The contrast between the rust pillars out of patina and their lawn ensures an absolute holiday mood. You can design the character of your garden yourself. Lawn can do much more! The ingenious garden ideas of our team can help you to shape the apartment and the exterior appropriately. Clear structures leave a small room a lot of great work.

    Our rust steel is harmless to health - NO Cortensteel

    Our rust steel is pure natural steel that is healthy

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    Sichtschutzwände und Paravents in Edelrost zum Stellen und Stecken

  • Wood Shells
  • Outdoor Rusty Furnitures
  • Pavillons and Kiosks
  • Rose archs and creeper...

    A rose arch with a flowering climbing rose is a beautiful welcome greeting for your garden visitors, lends a certain Something and offers a taste of the lush garden behind it.

    The archway is an ideal climbing aid for all climbing plants such as ivy, roses, clematis, wild grape vines, etc. , and can also be used as a PassThru to be used.

    You can create a floral oasis in the garden with this great decorative Element. The Rose arches can be freestanding in the garden will be placed and stressed to both ornamental plants as well as crops in their beauty.

    You can order this charming decorative Element for your garden and let your Plants to a height of sprout! You may also enter your crops, such as beans, peas and tomatoes for shape and support.

    You can disassemble the rose arch and easy to move. The individual components are individually assembled and with stainless rust Patina plated. Thus, you will get with each gazebo unique.

    The rusty rose arc is quick to set up. The Rankgestell is simply screwed together.

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