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Edelrost Kerzenständer liegen voll im Trend, diese finden Sie bei uns in großer Auswahl: Rostige Kerzenständer und Leuchten sorgen für stimmungsvolles Ambiente in Ihrem Zu Hause

  • Let´s light up rusty...
  • Deco Lights

    Dekolichter für jeden Anlass:

  • Candle tray metal...

    The candle tray is made of metal for the table or to Hang on the safe Alternative

    Discover candle trays made of sturdy metal, with stainless grate, for example with stars, angels, rectangular or Round. Our trays are usually at the bottom with small balls, so that there is sufficient distance to the ground. With a tray of candles, you can create beautiful arrangements and decorative table decorations for Advent and also for special occasions such as a wedding or birthday.

    With a tray of candles in metal you have the following advantages:Kerzentablett aus Metall für Tischdekoration

    • Safety: safe Burning of the candle. As the metal heats up and the surface remains protected
    • no wax stains On a tray for candles, the wax remains on the tablet and can not cause any stains
    • for Indoor as well as Outdoor use.

    As the Advent candle trays are the simple and safe solution. Even a wreath can be simple and beautiful on our metal trays to decorate.

    • a narrow candle tray is perfect as a window sill decoration. Here you will find pretty designs with birds and berries as a window sill tray

    A tray of candles to Hanging, instead of chandeliers

    A hängedes candle tray is a beautiful Alternative to a candle chandelier. Our trays are hanging ideal and safe, the tray is big enough to get out of a glass with a teelich. so the wax can drip is not down. A ceiling hanger made of stainless stainless metal is great for creative room decorations or as a garden decoration in the garden pavilion or in the winter garden. Depending on the Season we offer great inspirations for the Mood lighting with a candle tray for Hanging.

    Kerzentablett zum Hängen aus Metall

    And if chandelier like it, well, then, why don't you buy a tray of candles to the Slopes, which looks like a chandelier for candles.. Here, you can let your creativity run free.

    The tray of candles in the Advent

    How would you like it to light with a different style instead of the classic Adventskrant with a tray of candles 4 candles? Here you can find a beautiful Alternative to the advent wreath:

    Kerzentablett mit Schriftzug Advent

  • Lampen in Edelrost

    Edelrost Lampen elektrisch oder mit Kerze beleuchtbar

  • Zum Hängen - Laternen

    Edelrost Windlichte und Laternen zum Hängen

  • LED Strahler
  • Leuchten - elektrisch...

    Diese Rost  Leuchten und Lampen sind zum Einbau konstruiert und haben keinen Stecker, sondern müssen vom Fachmann angeschlossen werden.

  • Zum Stellen

    Edelrost Windlichte zum Hinstellen

  • Windlichter & Laternen

    Discover here a unique selection of lights and lanterns made of metal with a noble Patina of rust - Fast delivery - Discover here is unique and handmade, and convenient online shopping. A lot of fun with the most beautiful Lantern designs from the rust of the metal michl wishes to You!

    Wind light to create a cosy atmosphere in every Season

    Decorative wind-light are ideal decorative accessories, if you feel a longing for harmonious lighting. Unlike electric lights, the Work evenly light for Everyday how to Live, or to read, create wind, the light small warm flicker of the lights, and create a new atmosphere in your home, whether indoor or Outdoor. For a romantic mood tea lights are ideal, because they can several burn and so an entire room in a romantic light diving. Our wind light from noble rust harmonize with many decor styles and will fit in modern as well as classic styles perfectly.

    This is the difference between light and wind light:

    A lantern bidder several advantages: It is the special combination of a self-luminous light source such as a candle, tea light candle or a LED in combination with a Wind - or. Protection against the rain. Thus lanterns are ideal for outdoor use. The Classic lantern is provided with a hook or a hanger, so that it can be hung on the wall or on a light rod.

    The wind light is a slightly reduced Form of the lantern. Thus, for example, is a simple, small table light to put the famous wind light. It has no Handle and will not protect you from the rain but from the Wind, for example through a glass.

    Here you will find the most beautiful Windlihcter and lanterns made of metal to günsutgen price.

    Cosy effect with the precious rust of wind lights in different places

    • In the outdoor area: By Definition, the winds are light and lanterns rather Drausßen made and fit perfectly on the terraces, garden and balconies. As path lighting lanterns are indispensable. Most of the special occasions, like birthdays, or weddings, or during a romantic Dinner, the wind the light that robs us of how the views of the stars in the breath. Select einfauch from our wide selection of lanterns with different designs suitable for every occasion. The lanterns made of metal with rust patina fit together so perfectly with our glasses. Through the different pattern, the flackernede candle light within the lanterns / lanterns is visible.
    • Indoor: Suitable for Your living style, our lanterns for Your living area on different forms and variants. From romantic to playful models of rustic forms in the country-style to Modern lanterns, the selection is large. With our wall hooks can You also wall lanterns as an Alternative to the free-hanging lanterns buy from us. To can seasonal occasions such as weihanchts decoration or Easter decoration you will discover a beautiful wind light.

  • Wall torches rustic

    Wall torch in a drift-wood effect decoration and lighting in a

    A wall torch you connect with the romantic Flickering of a real flame. What was used in the middle ages the lighting of a castle, is now back in fashion. With the wall torches from the middle ages to the present-day wall lights have only little in common.

    A Medieval torch consisted of an oil-soaked linen cloth that was wrapped around a stick. The present lights in contrast, are illuminated with a small tea light. What however has not changed is that the wall torches an atmospheric, almost romantic light to give off. This is a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. By the way, a wall torch is a fascinating, antique Wall decorations.

    In our Shop You fidnest small and large wall torch is made of iron.

    The some other type of wall lighting with a rustic wall torch

    In the summer one can enjoy the balmy summer evenings on the terrace. For this purpose, the suitable lighting is a must, of course, because it ensures the Right mood. Especially popular wall lights as they decorate at the same time the walls.

    Most Led are widely used nowadays wall lights. If You're looking for something a little different, like torches intended Wall. An ancient torch from the middle ages, is used today, of course, not as good as more. The wall torches from driftwood are artfully thought out as they are designed like a wind of light. Thus, a small candle, to have the romantic Flickering of a fire to imitate.

    The glow of a real fire creates a completely different atmosphere than artificial light. By the small flame of the tea light, the light of the wall lamp is only very subtle. The Flickering flame casts a beautiful pattern on the wall, which creates a very special mood.

    Stylish and rustic driftwood optics

    The driftwood look, the flares have a more rustic appearance. The Design is reminiscent of a piece of driftwood, on the other hand, in the flames of a fire, the lick to the top. The wall torch is made of metal in rust optics manufactured and therefore has a custom antique brown color.

    Due to this rust-colored appearance of the light fixtures for modern, elegantly-designed gardens are well-suited. Just wall to fit flares to a garden in a country style, because of the rusty appearance is well with the rustic style of a country house combined.

    The wall torch is not only suitable for the Outdoor area, but as well as a lamp for your apartment. A wall torch meets each of the rooms with a unique medieval Flair. In your living room or hallway, You can, for example, with a lamp, a decorative accent on your wall. The rustic look of the wall torch is a very fancy and stylish way of wall decoration that your ideas will have no limits.

    Tips for your wall torch is made of metal

    Through the grate, the wall torch gets its unique, antique and rustic appearance. Your wall is light, however, for example, by rain splash wet, you can RUB off the rust on the metal.

    The rust-brown spots are quite unsightly on your wall. To prevent this, there is a simple Trick. You pinselst your lamp before you hang with Owatrol Oil from our Online Shop! As a result, the wall is impregnated with the light and the condition of your wall lamp preserved. The result is that your lamp rubs off so easily. Thus, You can make your wall a torch everywhere, even on a white wall, hang up.

    In what amount you light your wall mount is up to you. Generally, it is of advantage, if You don't hang them at a height, You "Bonk" yourself on your wall torch. Nevertheless, you should not to high not to hang up, so that it hangs outside of your field of view.

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