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    You can order praying angel figures for the tomb:Grabengel trauernd Allerheiligen Grabgestaltung

    In the design of graves for all saints the tomb angel tomb jewellery with a worthy tomb decoration.

    Our angel figurines in this category all have a prayerful or reverent attitude, and are thus ideal for the tomb, specifically for all saints day a fitting grave design. All saints day is always 01. November and describes a high Church holiday of the Catholic Church. In the provinces where the Catholic proportion of the population outweighs that of all saints ' day is a legal holiday. All saints it commemorates not only the saints but also to all the deceased, especially Relatives and loved ones who have died.

    Much emphasis is placed on the tomb design and often also used as a tomb angel as a decoration.

    With us you can discover many hundreds of figures of angels, but specifically for this occasion and as a use for the tomb we would like to present to you a selection of grave angels. More angel figures you will find here.

    Our grave angels are not only from metal but also made of stone. A Stone statue as a tomb angel is weather resistant and as thought out, that would certainly great weight is also mostly Theft. In the selection of angel for the tomb and as the tomb jewelry for Alerheiligen, we have placed great value that all the characters have a praying or mourning attitude.

  • Halloween decorations...

    Halloween decorative garden metal, e.g. garden plug and fire basket

    Imagine, it is time for witches, pumpkins and "Trick-or-Treating-Apocalypse" is imminent and You have no Halloween decorations in the garden! The undead, ghosts, Frankenstein, and sorcerers, and even a few elven children are at 31. October Halloween on Your door Mat, is faster than You "Trick or TREAT!" can say. Anyway, if You're a slave, like many others, the great Trend from the USA and to decorate according to your heart's content Halloween your garden.

    Which garden decoration for Halloween is made of metal is also suitable as an autumn decoration?Halloween Deko Garten mit Gartenstecker Hexe aus Metall

    Halloween is a short period of time, it is nicer if the decoration is matched to the the fall of and in addition to pumpkin lanterns, and zombie hands as a garden plug You can with the precious rust of beautiful Halloween decoration in the garden design, which also has to be the autumn about how impressed and not right after Halloween put away. Our time decorating lots of ideas to Hello if you are as garden plug longer can be used. We dispense with pumpkin and lanterns, you will find Halloween garden decoration that inspires throughout the year. If you for paper lanterns a matching lantern search bar, click into our category light bars

    A witch's fire to Halloween with the matching fire bowl, no Problem:

    Our fire bowls to Halloween with dragon motif and witches are perfect for the Hallowewen Outdoor Party. In the autumn it is evening faster cooling and a warming fire keeps the guests happy, so that until late in the morning hours celebrated. Each fire basket for Halloween is stable and robust, made from metal and stable. The Halloween decorating in the garden is a real fire and a perfect...

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