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  • Eco Glas - recycling...

    100 % Recycled glass in siener most beautiful Form of decorative glasses made of Eco-glass.

    what is Eco-glass?

    The sustainable Eco glass has been changed in the origin. It is cooked with Sand and Soda. It is still the most important components, but it can green""! You surely must know the Situation that you bring the empty glass bottles to the glass container and dispose of it. This glass is everything that is superfluous, such as lids, Corks and closures taken away, and then is heated in the connection of the glass in the oven.

    An advantage is that the Eco-glass is a much lower melting temperature and thus, much less energy is required for the production of Eco-glass. The finished Eco glass is not quite "crystal clear" and there can be several bumps in the glass, since there's always a small amount of impurities. This features the quality craftsmanship of the blown Eco glass. "Green" can not only be functional but also beautiful!

  • Glass Shells

    Gläser für Edelrost Teelichte und Windlichte

  • Glass lanterns
  • Glass Flower Pots

    Glass Vase - Gift - Wedding: Loving and beautiful flower vases, planters - The wedding day, an unforgettable moment with our glass gift ideas

    Perhaps the most beautiful day in your life, the wedding, should be an unforgettable experience. Therefore, nothing is missing in the ambience. Whether glass vase, flower bowl or flower vase as a decorative accessory, with our glass products you create a very special and beautiful decoration of your location for the wedding. Flowers are simply part of the wedding. Whether as a wedding gift or decoration, such as a deco vase, you can give your wedding ambience a very personal touch with our creative gift ideas. Planting bowl, flower bowl, glass vase and much more, you can buy cheap from us. Be our guest in the shop locally. We advise you in the field of wedding, vases, wedding gifts and much more.

    Glass vase where to buy? - Where to buy cheap vases? Gifts for everyone! - wedding gift

    These are frequently asked questions. With us you have a large selection of creative articles in the field of vase glass, flower bowl, glass vase, bowl and much more for wedding or as a gift idea. Feel free to contact us via Facebook and share with us your creations of your vases, flower bowls, flower vases, glass vases, gift ideas and wedding gifts.

    Gift for birthday and wedding - and you do not have a wedding present or a gift idea yet? give it a coupon!

    Wedding gift? No problem! You will find it here. Our range of glass offers a wide range of decorative glass items. Windlight, tablecloth, garden decoration, vase sets for flower bowls, flower vases, glass vases or planters. No problem. And if you're not sure what's the right present for wedding, birthday, Valentine's Day and more, then a gift certificate may be the right choice for you. You can personally give your loved one a coupon or find other original gifts.

    Vases - Wedding Gift: The perfect accessory for your flowers and wedding

    Wedding, wedding gift or decoration for the home furnishings, such as table decoration, vase flower vase or large vases, our glass vases are an eye-catcher for home and garden. Just as people wear jewelry to reinforce their personality, so do the flowers and plants need their own jewelry with individual design. Transparent glass vases, flower vases, flower bowls, planters can perfectly stage their plants. Experience our large selection of sets of decorative vases with high-quality and loving workmanship, which decorate their living environment decorative. Whether colorful, bulbous, clear, conical, elegant, robust, we offer something for every taste. The application areas for our modern glass vases and bowls are therefore manifold. Every guest at home enjoys this garden decoration. Here is a small overview for you:

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    • Wedding gift
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    • wind light
    • Plant bowl / flower bowl
    • Glass vase / flower vase
    • planter
    • Floor vase / table vase
    • vessel
    • Kugelvase
    • Bowl
    • Outdoor / indoor
    • Guest gifts - give

    Personal gifts from the heart, everyone wishes! Explore as a guest with us also wooden products! A great and creative idea is the combination of wood and glass, made of sturdy and transparent. Especially in the field of garden design with flower vases, bowls, large vases you personally create a creative and modern design. Floor vases are clearly ideal for personal garden design. Here your guest feels at home, in the garden and at weddings.

    Gift decoration of metal mesh Edelrost for wedding, as a wedding gift or sturdy decorative vases for outdoor use with floor vases

    Can you use the glass vases, flower vases, large vases, planters, floor vases for outdoor use? Clear! This is not a problem. Our flower vase set is robust and clearly designed for many applications. The terrarium, also a great gift: vases, floor vases also usable as a terrarium.

    General information and frequently asked questions, all around, application, gifts, wedding gifts and wedding in general

    What is the flower vase called in Spanish?

    El florero

    Flower vase how much water?

    The right amount of water depends on the type of flowers or plants. As a rule, cut flowers with a thumb value of two thirds of water are not bad. For roses, it may sometimes be full and tulips and Gebera more than a third. It makes sense to exchange the water every day.

    I have emptied the flower vase over the wooden table. How do I get rid of the dark spots?

    To remove water stains on wood, here's how it works: There are two simple tricks; on the one hand, you can apply toothpaste to a cotton cloth and clean that area. If that does not help, then try olive oil or sunflower oil.

    What else can you do with the old vuvuzelas, except to turn them into flower vases?

    For large flower beds, it is also suitable as a garden plug or flower plug. An accessory for your garden.

    What's flower vase in English?

    Flower vase

    How much is a flower bowl for a funeral?

    The price may vary, depending on the material, size and shape.

    Could you probably clean green mossy clay flower bowls in a dishwasher?

    If the clayware is completely glazed, then you can clean it in the dishwasher. Attention! A residual risk always exists.

    Where can I find original wedding gifts?

    Wedding gifts that inspire you can be found here. Special gift ideas for the wedding with us.

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