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  • Japan Garden

    Garden decoration for the Asian garden

    With the right garden decor can You a piece of the far Eastern Cultureto your home. The Asian garden is a special place of inner peace and strength. The Combination of garden decor, plants, water and stones is perfected in an Asian garden design.

    Garden design in Japanese style

    A Japanese garden is in a large as well as in a small garden implement. He is subject to strict rules of design, but acts anyway, of course. You're trying to imitate in the idealized Form of nature. Essential in the design of the four elements, water, stones, plants, and moss. Each Element in Japanese garden has its own meaning.

    The Element of water in Your Japanese garden to be reminiscent of the sea, that Japan surrounds. In the Form of a small pond or a fountain, You can revive Your garden specifically. Typical Japanese of the Koi carp, which, however, is very costly.

    Rocks symbolize the mountains of Japan. A Zen garden is reminiscent of a Japanese rock garden , and is oriented to the gardens of Zen monasteries. The fine white gravel replaced in Your Zen garden the water. These You can rake, so that a gentle wave pattern without beginning and end. You can just make a "waterfall", by making the gravel of a larger stone "down flow".

    Plants as the cycle of life

    The plants and mosses stand for life. Popular plants in the Japanese garden are trees such as the Japanese azaleas, pines, Japanese maple, and especially the Bonsai. This is also a Japanese decoration. Cherry trees are a Symbol of transience, as the flowers rise, and again fade. On flowers not mostly in the Japanese garden, since they would otherwise interfere with the pure character of a Japanese garden. The Japanese garden is still like lush and want to invite You to "tranquility".

    Japanese Garden Decoration

    In Your Japanese garden You should to little, but high-quality decoration . At best You lose on eye-catching colors. Nevertheless, the decoration should not be missing in the Japanese garden art. Popular are statues and small figures, such as example weiseein Buddha. It is important that You make Your statues not too flashy place, you should instead work purely by chance.

    Lanterns and small pagodas and shells are suitable as a decoration for the edges of Water or road crossings. They develop a very own effect, thus contributing to the peaceful atmosphere in a Japanese garden.

    Chinese Garden Design

    A Chinese garden is the basis for the Japanese garden art. Decorations, water and stones are the main design elements. Feng-Shui is an important keyword that You with Your garden design ought to be aware of. The goal is to achieve a balance between the elements, so that a balance of nature prevails in Your garden. Your garden should be a place of harmony that invites You to Meditation.

    Yin and Yang are the Central forces. Specifically, this means that You and contrasts you where not aware. High, for example, in addition to a low, planted a part of Your garden densely, and the other is more lights and so on. Especially in the ceiling You can provide suitable contrasts.

    Centrally located in the China garden and the garden pond. He is a symbol of Indulgence and wealth. A fountain or a bird is a good Alternative if You prefer something more discreet potions are.

    These plants You need in Your Chinese garden

    Typical Chinese trees are mainly of bamboo, but also the weeping willow, or pine. Flowering plants such as chrysanthemums and peonies, You also need for an authentic Chinese garden. If You want Your new garden with ornamental plants, to beautify, maple, cherry, and plum trees, and azaleas.

    With this garden decor You get a real China garden

    Generally speaking, you in this garden style at targeted, a few decorative accents. The best thing is You'll have to see that in Your architecture already trim are included. So You can, for example, a screen to choose which is decorated with a bamboo pattern. Your protection is also at the same time for decoration.

    Nevertheless, You can decorate the targeted places. In front of buildings for example, it is usual to place free-standing animal sculptures. Popular are free-standing lion sculptures, the entrance guard. As little Buddha and dragon figurines suitable Chinese garden decoration. Garden signs with Chinese characters are just as decorative accents.

    Japanese, or rather Chinese decoration?

    In General, both of the garden are similar styles to be very strong. In both Japan and in China is little, but purposefully decorated. Buddha statues, for example, are in both directions, is very popular. In China, however, placed the figures before buildings, or Because of, whereas in the Japanese garden the design of the statues is purely random, for example, between the trees, be placed.

    In General one can say that if You are not exactly a Japanese or Chinese garden, build want, it is not enough if You only to the Asian-style orientation. The decoration that You like, fits Your Asian garden. Just go to our Online Shop to inspire you!

  • Mediterranean garden...

    Holiday in the garden: Mediterranean garden decoration

    Italian decoration, and the scent of lavender immediately spread the holiday mood. With a Mediterranean garden decoration You get a piece of Italy right in Your home garden. Especially popular is the Patina effect, such as, for example, rust is here. Along with typical Italian plants of the garden gets the perfect Mediterranean ambience.

    In the garden decor store of metal michl You will find our finest selection for Your Mediterranean garden, You need to travel to Italy. :-).

    Garden design Mediterranean style garden decoration of stainless

    Before You have Your Mediterranean garden design, You should plan it carefully. It is important that Your garden gets at least a half day sun. Green meadows and flower beds do You best to geometric shapes. Walls and paths made of natural stone to help You in Your garden design. Generally, it is used in the design of a Mediterranean garden, mainly natural materials and colors.

    Popular in the Mediterranean garden, the water is of course. Round or rectangular pool of water. If You prefer something more discreet like or not so much space available, You can fountain You're a Mediterranean, or a bird decide potions.

    Mediterranean plants for Your garden and house

    Cypresses, citrus and olive trees are typical of the Italian plants, are less suitable for Your Mediterranean garden design. With the choice of Your Mediterranean plants, You have to make sure you hardy . Well-suited for our climate, almond and pine trees. Nevertheless, also this plant offers, if You choose a warm, Sunny place. You should be in Your Mediterranean garden design take into account.

    Mediterranean herbs are a must in Your garden design in the Italian style. You can set them in a bowl for Herbs or a herb garden, garden plants. Typical Mediterranean herbs rosemary and thyme, for example. So You always have fresh herbs for Your Mediterranean cuisine. Using herbs signs You keep always the Overview over Your herb garden and you at the same time a beautiful garden decoration.

    Mediterranean plants like nutrient-poor soils, which is why gravel and Sand provide the optimal habitat for the species. Not winter-proof plants such as Oleander or Bougainvillea plants do best in a flower pot. Potted plants and herbs bowls, You can in the Winter bring in. So You can enjoy the whole year on them, and fresh herbs to harvest.

    In order to have in the Winter, green plants in the garden are evergreen shrubs. A popular Mediterranean shrub of the Mediterranean sea-the snow ball. If You plant it around Your garden beds, it forms a beautiful frame.

    For the perfect Mediterranean garden perennials is essential. The selection of perennials is huge, and especially popular are the torch Lily, or of the mullein, with its velvety leaves. The scent of shrub roses and lavender make the Mediterranean Flair perfectly.

    Decoration in Italian style

    Any decoration is the to Italy, the sun and the sea reminds to the right place. You spread a Mediterranean Flair. A particularly popular garden decoration with Patina effect. Patina means that the surface is already aged a bit. Thus, decoration of, for example, rust is especially. Your garden decoration, and therefore the whole garden radiate peace and Serenity.

    Decorative statues and pillars can help You to emphasize the geometric shapes in Your Mediterranean garden. Flower pots made of terracotta or rust are the ideal maritime and Italian decoration. You can add them individually to place, to put a Mediterranean accent. So You can also have a small garden, a balcony or a terrace with Mediterranean design.

    Vintage and antique decorations, You can also as individual decorative elements to the design of Your garden and patio use. Just decoration in bright colors is a creative idea in Your Mediterranean garden design. The southern style design, are You using balls and pitchers. These can be beds in Your or on the Lawn in place. On a terrace or a balcony, a Mediterranean-style ball exudes a touch of Italy and a holiday.

    So You can admire Your beautifully landscaped garden and Mediterranean-style decorations, in the night, You need the appropriate lighting. On a terrace and in the garden, a lantern, or a solar light . Not only do they look at night, but also during the day as a garden decoration that's great.

    As a table decoration are You looking for a beautiful wind light out. The ambience and at the same time is a beautiful Italian table decoration. The matching tablecloth and the Italian evening on Your terrace with a Pizza and Spaghetti, nothing stands in the way!

  • Garden Decoration

    Decorations for Your authentic, farmer's garden

    With its fragrant flowers, green herbs and vegetable beds of the cottage garden one of the wildest and most romantic gardens. The colorful garden is designed with great attention to Detail, garden decor sets beautiful accents.

    The cottage garden developed from the medieval monastery gardens, which were once self-sufficiency. The garden should supply the whole year, the monastery, which is why he was well thought out and planned. Nowadays, You put of course, no cottage garden for self-supply more, but it's nice when You self-grown herbs, vegetables and fruit crops.

    A cottage garden needs to be well planned

    Even if Your garden is, of course, You will need to in the garden design carefully consider how You create it. Usually has a garden has a rectangular shape. You can also make only a small part of Your garden in this garden style. The beds are classic-just created and between them, a narrow path runs. Viewed from the top of Your garden design resembles a cross. In the middle of a farmer's garden is like a accent in the Form of a fountain or a tree. Depending on Your taste, You can Your garden in the form of a cross , with and without the roundel in the middle of creating.

    A type-safe cottage garden is a vegetable garden. Therefore, You need ways to get You to take care of You as a gardener, Your plants and Your vegetable crops. The paths are normally made of natural materials such as bricks, gravel or paving stones. Alternatively, You can sprinkle the paths with bark mulch, which simultaneously has the advantage that it suppresses weeds.

    To give Your garden its typical structure, and to protect him from curious animals, You can build a fence around Your garden. The flower beds in a cottage garden are outlined, in order to obtain the clear Form. Typical are low Beeteinfassungen, for example, a small wall made of clinker. An evergreen hedge of boxwood, or a fence made of willow are the same.

    Ornamental and vegetable garden, the plants of the cottage garden

    The typical atmosphere of a traditional cottage garden, which You can get by a mixed culture and no individual beds for perennials or a vegetables garden accents. Thus, ornamental and food crops together in the same Bed grown. Typical plants are perennials such as bleeding heart, lavender, and Catnip. Just as trees and shrubs such as elderberry, hydrangea, and lilac. In the cultivation of vegetables, beetroot, carrots, potatoes, and salad are popular.

    Your mixed culture of ornamental and fruit and vegetable garden has the advantage, that the soil and plant health is promoted and at the same time Your beds are optimally utilised. Flowers such as roses and marigolds may not be missing in a beautiful cottage garden. If You have a lot of space available, You can also plant fruit trees. A fruit tree is particularly impressive when You place it as an accent in the center of Your garden. Thus, You not harvest a rich vegetables and herbs, but also fruit!

    If You have a farmer's garden brand new strap on, You can't keep him quiet very lush with flowers and crops planted. A little tip is, if You pay attention to the Shape when the Plant blooms. When You combine plants, the Mature and bloom, You have the whole year a small crop, and a beautiful cottage garden.

    Garden decoration for the matching accents

    A modern garden is no longer based only on the kitchen garden, but is rather ornamental garden, a green with many flowers. Therefore, You can next to the flower beds, flower pots planting. For this purpose, the pots are in a rustic style, or in unusual shapes. So You can, for example, an antique wheelbarrow as a flower pot, too. In General, old garden tools, and items great as a garden decoration or to repurpose.

    In a typical farmer's garden, the beds may be due to the mixed culture slightly confusing. Small herbal signs and vegetables plug of rust-this is a useful garden decoration. They will help you to keep track of Your plants and at the same time a refined garden decoration. Among the large selection in our Online Shop You will find the right signs and garden plug decoration for Your vegetable garden.

    Your herbs, You can in addition to the plots in a herb bowl or snail plants. As a garden decoration You can place, for example, in the center of Your garden and make this an eye-catcher in Your own garden. The advantage of a herb dish is that You can leave in the Winter in Your apartment for the winter. So You can harvest even in Winter, fresh herbs.

    If You are a romantic like, is suitable as a garden decoration, a rose arch, a trellis for blackberries and climbing roses. These You can either as a front gate for Your garden, or on Your way up. Placing a fountain or a bird bath in the middle of Your farmer's garden, will be strengthened in this playful romantic atmosphere.

    Lanterns and solar light You can lighting in the night. Sent placed the lantern lights or solar light only in the dark, Your lovingly designed garden, but a beautiful garden decoration are also of the day. If You prefer something more discreet, You can opt for a wind light as a garden decoration. The Flicker of the flame gives Your garden a beautiful atmosphere, and immersed him in a pleasant light.

  • Family garden...
  • Kitchen garden and...

    The kitchen garden with decorative in the garden, perfectly set in scene

    Wouldn't it be nice, in your own garden of fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs to plant? Instead of the supermarket You go to Your own garden. With a kitchen garden of the past, the present, however, has only little in common. He is smaller and not more for You to feed, but rather out of desire for gardening , and the joy of the Harvest. The suitable decoration for the garden You will find with us.

    Your modern kitchen garden is not as before only a couple of practical beds, but is also visually appealing. You design it is decorative and useful at the same time, You can be sure double to Your garden. There are also many edible flowers bring bright colors in Your green kitchen garden. An important tip is not the way that You're overdoing it with the amount of plants. You are not allowed to work under the estimate, which brings Your vegetable garden.

    The perfect place

    It is important that You choose a sheltered and Sunny site, otherwise Your plants grow well. It is also important in the garden design to note that water in the vicinity. Your garden You have to water often because it is very useful, for example, a pond, a rain barrel or a water fountain next to Your Bed. A special tip are the beds here. They help You with the gardening, as You Stand in Your kitchen garden can take care of.

    Did You not quite as much space, You can also have Your own small kitchen garden on Your terrace or balcony to create. Just fresh herbs here in a large pot of planting. So You have the whole year a great selection of fresh herbs. In the Winter, You bring Your pots into the house and have an Indoor herb garden. Here it is also of advantage, if You are looking for for Your kitchen herbs in a Sunny spot, such as, for example, a window sill,.

    What plants do You need?

    As a General rule, of course, You only grow what You like it also! Depending on what kind of food You especially like, You pick the appropriate plants. Well, if You like the Mediterranean cuisine, is suitable, for example, the cultivation of tomatoes, Basil, Oregano, and rosemary.

    It thrives in Your garden, bees, insects, and other beneficial insects is very important. When You have Your garden, for example, bee-friendly design, Your plants are better pollinated. This allows a particularly large harvest. About herbs, such as thyme, lavender, and all types of sage are particularly bees, because they serve as a food source for you. In General, it is good, if there is in Your garden nesting sites for insects. In addition to the classic bee hotel also rotten wood, dry walls, or sandy soils is suitable.

    The herbs in the garden

    The selection of herbs is almost inexhaustible. A tip is to make sure that You plant other herbs as You get in the supermarket. About this You are looking forward to grow with You especially when in Your garden. Herbs can also be perfectly dry. You can also use in the Winter, Your own dried herbs.

    Also, it is good to know what herbs grow well next to each other. Dill, chives and parsley, for example, are good neighbors, and encourage each other to Grow. Lemon balm and Basil You prefer not right next to each other plants. The most popular kitchen herbs are Basil, rosemary, true sage (Salvia officinalis).

    With so many herbal you can lose the Overview, therefore, it is appropriate helpful decoration, herb signs! This garden decoration is a beautiful and has a practical Use. For each of Your plants, there is a custom shield made of metal with a stainless rust patina. It's when you match the suitable herbs, you always have the optimal Overview of Your garden. The Material is stainless rust is Your decoration for a very long time. It is also weather and time of year remain in Your kitchen garden.

    The Name is punched out of Your shield, thus You don't have to label Your plate with a pen. This has the advantage that the font may not smudge or fade over time! The herbal shield can also be used with a hanging rod made of rust to expand. This rod You can fit in the earth, making Your decoration is particularly well visible. Your plants plug Your herb garden, again a very different look.

    Always fresh fruit and vegetables

    In Your fruit and vegetable garden, it is important that You know the different time points of the Looked. In the spring You can grow, for example, lettuce and strawberries. Fresher and with more flavor than from the garden, can be a salad. Tomatoes is in the spring, nor too cold, this You planted prefer it was only after the late frosts.

    Good for Your Bed it is, if You create a mixed culture. So You can grow, for example, kitchen herbs between the vegetables. A mixed culture is good for the health of the soil and protects the other from pests and diseases. Here, in the same way as in the case of herbs, You should be careful of what plants grow well next to each other. Vegetable plants from the same family, for example, should not be planted directly next to each other.

    A beautiful idea for the garden decoration, it is little rusty sculptures and figurines in Your kitchen garden to place. A small fairy sculpture, which sits, for example, between the strawberries, conjures You in the garden always keep a Smile on your face. The small decorative objects in a decorative and at the same time a Motivation to the gardeners!

  • Balkongarten Deko mit...
  • Bee Garden Decoration

    What is a bee garden?

    At the latest, according to the people's desire to "Save the bees" has become the species diversity more strongly in our consciousness. Of course, the bees, the garden is a garden style that offers especially for insects such as bees, bumblebees and other insects food and shelter. In return, these us me tasty herbs from provide berries, delicious fruits and healthy vegetables. Thus, a variety of bees, the garden not only provides a habitat for bees and insects, but the garden is ecologically sound. So the bees feel comfortable, should plants of different genera are planted. But not only the animals You and I want to feel in the garden. so, please note here at the Deco one or the other:

    So You create a bee-friendly garden:

    1. Flower meadow creation
    2. Herbs planting
    3. Later, mowing, and flowers or herbs can flower

    What decoration is suitable for Your bee garden?

    As a decoration shop, here we offer You our 10 beautiful decoration ideas for a bee-friendly garden. Of course, You should use decoration sparingly, because even here the decoration is the more targeted, the better you will come to the fore. Above all, our garden decorative stainless metal gives the bees and insects already in the morning hours of new energy. The metal warms to the body of the insect and this can stay on any metal objects excellent"". Especially in the spring when it is still frosty, the little animal about the additional heat.

    Decorating ideas for the bee garden there are many. A few we want to introduce You to here and explain this: All of the Hexagonal shapes that resemble a honeycomb, fit super. How about a 6-square sun screen, or a honeycomb tablet?

    The Wild Bee House

    In addition to colorful bees flowers insects hotel , or better yet, a wild bee hotel is a holiday thing. You offer shelter and a place where the bees can nest. You can make a wild bee house atürlcih itself, or right here in the garden decor store the perfect buy. Whether self-made or bought, it comes down to the Details, if the bees and other insect species feel comfortable. There is no radiation and Wind also depends on the correct orientation, sun. In this Video You will see have to look out for You, so the wild bees einzuehen with You:

    Herbal snail and herb signs:

    Garden plug with matching summer flowers such as sunflower, Tagetes.

    Honeycomb as point of view protection:

    In a modern garden decoration honeycomb as a design Element fit perfectly in the bee garden.

    The Watering and insect hotels are honeycomb-shaped, as well as some light-emitting elements, which were integrated in the garden-limiting wall. A nice idea, but of course only one example of many possible design variants.

    Silent Gardener:Bienengarten Deko mit Figuren aus Metall z.b. Gärtner

    Our figures of a gardener and a gardener to withstand the buzzing of the insects. You like to be it of bees orbiting? So beautiful the bees, the garden is also, but sometimes bees are also disturbing, such as on the garden table.... Our Silhuetten but there is nothing when the guy put on it and be able to warm-up. In addition, these also look nice. For more Silhuetten you can find here.

    By the way: If You, the bees, or mosquitoes bother you overly, you will find in retailers and also special scent you can put in our wind lights candles to the insects, for example, when grilling at a distance.

    Examples of bee plants

    Bees, herbs in the home garden, even 2fachem Use:

    The following bees herbal you can the raised bed in the herb garden or herb snail grow.

    Kitchen herbs

    Medicinal herbs

    Bees bushes

    decorative flowers for the Flower bed:

















    Sun flower


    Bell flower






    Straw flower

    decorative flowers for the Flower bed:

    Fragrance-nettle (Agastache), or hyssop

    Dyer's broom

    Wall pepper (perfect also for stone garden decoration)

    Night candle

    Berries and shrubs


    Honorary award

    Fat Hen




    Change Florets (Pot Garden)

    Stone herb


    Verbs Buttercup

    Marshmallow / Mallow

    Men faithful


    Wine diamond

    Scent of Wicke

    For more information on bee-friendly gardens, visit the website of the Federal office for food and agriculture here:

  • Fairy garden, fairy...

    A garden decoration like in fairy tales: So You create a small fairy garden or fairy garden

    Once upon a time... a beautiful fairy-tale garden! Fairies and elves are flying through Your green garden, the frog king sitting on a big stone and a little wood imp looking slyly out of the Grass. In addition, a enchanted castle, which is pretty beleutchtet. Or So can You with the rusty decorative metal michl Your garden into a fairy-like Paradise.

    Fairies and elves, little helpers

    Imagine little fairies and elves to sit in Your garden and to help with the garden work. You love nature and feel where plants and flowers grow and bloom. In our Online Shop, there are a large selection of small and large helpers, which You can place as a decoration between Your plants.

    The great garden figures are the loving Details, the as a decoration in Your fairy garden don't miss. A cute helper elf, for example, sits in Your vegetable patch, brings it to you with Your garden decoration for every day a Smile on your face. So the garden goes to work in Your fairy garden.

    Plants and flowers in Your fairy garden

    In a fairy-tale garden, nature may be left to calm a little himself. Trees that branch out magically and everything to hide behind is their green leaves Verde, create a mysterious atmosphere in Your fairy garden. A small trickling stream or pond in which fish and enchanted frogs. All of this pulls You into a mystical spell, You can hardly escape.

    Between the many colorful flowers feel fabulous creatures. The change-herb is a Plant that has extraordinary abilities. The small flowers have different colors of soft Orange and Pink, to bright White. Of their bright colors, You'll instantly be enchanted and also bees, Bumble bees and butterflies are magically attracted by her.

    As the Name suggests, is the fairies-the fuchsia is a suitable Plant for Your mysterious fairy oasis. The fairies-the fuchsia I like it to the shadier places in Your fairy garden particularly well. Your pink flowers are bell-shaped, and recall the fairies to a small dance at the end. In the half-shadow You can also use the magic bells plant. The magic bells turns into a whole Beet in a sea of Flowers, that even in bad weather its best, as the flowers close when it rains.

    The elves porn preference is also rather Sunny places, but also in semi-shade. Its many small flowers bloom in shades of pink, red, apricot, purple, and white. Although You have to barely take care of him, flourishing it in a magical way throughout the summer. Between the mysterious and enchanted plants only Your fabulous garden decoration, but also You don't feel well!

    Animals in Your fairy garden

    Bees buzzing through the air and the birds are singing various tunes, animals transform Your fairy garden into a vibrant garden. A bee hotel, old rotten wood or open Soil the ideal habitat for important animals are. A large Flower, bees happy in Your garden!

    The chirping of birds is a soft music, which gives Your garden the wonderful atmosphere of a fairy tale. If You have no space for a pond, You can buy You a bird bath. Together with a decorative bird house filled with feed, the number of birds in Your garden nest and You from early to late sing.

    Small gnome as a garden decoration

    In a correct fairy-tale garden gnomes, and dwarves cavorting, of course. They like to hide between the flowers or into the Lawn. The garden plugs are the best choice for garden decoration, to decorate Your flower beds with the cute garden characters. As a fabulous decoration for Your terrace or balcony, the figures are also suitable and spraying a bit of magic.

    Lighting Your Fairy Garden

    Some of the enchanting garden decoration wakes up at night to life. With lanterns and LED string lights transform Your garden at night into a fairy tale. Some of the decorations, the stay of the day hidden from view, come at night to the fore. As a garden decoration for Your garden table, there are beautiful lanterns, the secret of awakening full motives in the candlelight to life. As if by magic Your whole garden will be bathed in a cosy and atmospheric light.

  • Cottage garden - a...

    Cottage garden decor for Your romantic Vintage garden

    If You prefer something more playful and romantic like, You can decorate your garden in the style of English Cottages. A Cottage garden is a romantic garden based on an English cottage garden with a Rose and perennials. He is at the same time a useful and ornamental. It is popular here, Vintage and unusual garden decorations. Particularly well to this kind of garden decoration will fit of course to a country house. But even if You are in any country you live, You can have a Cottage garden with the right garden decoration create. It is important that You are planning a Cottage garden well, so he gets a stylish and natural Look.

    So You put in your Cottage garden

    For a successful garden design you will need to in VoraCottage Gartendeko im englischen Landhausstilus think about how you like your Cottage garden to be created. A wall of burnt brick, or a hedge, You can, for example, as the limits of use. You give your Cottage-garden rooms only, individual garden, but also serve as a quiet Background. This elevates your flowers and garden decoration . The resulting rooms You planted on the best lush with all sorts of different flowers. Water comes in virtually every style of garden. A small, lovingly landscaped and decorated pond, a fountain or a bird bath are well suited to revive the garden something.

    What flowers do You need?

    In an English cottage garden flower beds with flowering perennials usually found. Carnations with bright flowers, and blue-violet and lavender bell flowers fit very well. In addition to the perennials, You can wild flower plants. The best You combine the Late and early flowering, as it blooms in the garden from spring to autumn. In order to have in the Winter is also something Green in the garden, are evergreen yew or beech trees. If You make it a bit fancier like, plants and vegetables, such as Red and rose cabbage between your flowers. Your Cottage garden is at the same time to the vegetable garden. The advantage of this is that bees and other important animals and insects are attracted.

    The lush flowers are a Cottage garden the wanted "organized Chaos". Your flower beds, You may leave a bit of poaching. It is not perfect, if You look at your Cottage-garden, especially the flower beds the work. Of course, the Rose is a must. Popular English roses, but any rose variety will fit just as well in your rural garden. Do You want a romantic Cottage, you shrub or climbing roses as a garden decoration in a rose arch to grow. A path or gate to your garden is the planted Rose arches to welcome visitors. In a real Cottage garden, the fruit trees must not be missed. In between, You can well, raspberry and currant bushes, or an elder Bush plants.

    Your Vintage garden decoration as a Highlight

    For an authentic Cottage garden you need the appropriate garden decoration. It's best to use garden decorations in Vintage style. "Vintage" means old-fashioned, from the old to the new. Depending on how big is your garden, complemented by a Pergola or a Water bottle for birds the Vintage Look. Just fits garden decoration made of stainless stainless, since the intentional "Shabby-Chic" style. Beetstecker, garden plugs or a seed tray made of stainless stainless, you can selectively as accents in your Cottage garden, place.

    Generally speaking, fancy garden decoration with great Designs fit in a Cottage garden very well. Your ideas are set no limits. From various natural materials such as rust, metal, glass or wood, You can just make your own custom and beautiful decorations. For example, an old milk can be used as a garden decoration pot, or an ancient thrust repurpose carts. Through original and creative ideas as a garden decoration in your Cottage garden gets its typical charm. Sculptures or figures, however, your garden, give some rest. It is important, however, that in your Cottage garden, the colorful flowers and plants are in the foreground. The appropriate decoration is the Vintage style through accessories to reinforce. Too much decoration is quick-acting cheesy and no longer has the desired Retro-Flair.

    At night you can your Vintage garden with lanterns and wind lights illuminate. This is your garden, diving not only in the candlelight in an impressive light, but a decorative garden, even in the day design.

    The most beautiful your Cottage-garden effect, when looking at the work and garden design, You don't look at slip. Rather, he is imperfect, the garden decoration is random and a bit neglected. As a result, he is cozy and welcoming and exudes the typical charm of a Cottage garden.



    Catalog Ferrum summer 2018: page 156 above

  • funny garden decoration

    funny garden decoration is a Smile on your face conjures up a

    You're a cheerful person, and you should also see in Your garden? Then have a look at the funny garden decoration from metal michl . Here You will find small and large garden signs with many different funny and creative sayings and funny animal characters. Also hopeless romantics come here to their costs. Your garden is missing something to life, then garden statues are the perfect decoration for You!

    Never a spell decorative route with our funny Garden

    If You have a beautiful garden decoration, which at the same time funny, looking for, the garden signs the Right choice for You. This funny and creative garden decoration idea will bring You every day to Smile. The selection is huge, from fun to romantic sayings.

    Of course, You can also lend a Hand, true to the Motto of DIY. From different motives, choose Your favorite plate and test the caption it with a spell that You really enjoy. The good thing is that the color is water - resistant and thus, for In-and Outdoor suitable. Since Your shield is rusting, do You treat it best with Owatrol Oil to preserve Your work of art. So You Tinker with fun Your own, hand garden decoration-painted. Still more original can be a garden decoration almost.

    Garden signs are everywhere in the garden is a wonderful eye-catcher, whether on the balcony, the terrace or in the Flower bed. Also in the entrance area of Your house signs make Rust great. So Your guests will be greeted directly with a funny saying. Of course, the signs are for Indoor-suitable, so You can also decorate Your apartment with different signs. Just wherever it pleases You. You hang Your sign, You should not only pay attention to the fact that Your shield is wet, otherwise the rust may RUB off and stain on the wall behind.

    The garden signs are also suitable as an original gift. Yes according to the personality of the gift recipient, You can gift him a suitable garden decoration. Just homemade gifts are always a good idea that everyone will be happy.

    It's not a garden without a garden gnome

    A garden gnome may actually not be missing in any garden. The droll little figures are a traditional and proven style of the garden decoration. In addition, it is said of the dwarves that they have to protect the garden and bring good luck. The cheerful little decorative figurines bring life to Your garden, terrace and balcony are charming little "helper".

    A great idea is to place a small decorative figure, decorative between the flowers. It doesn't matter whether You have a large Flower bed or a flower pot. Your garden gnome makes everywhere a good figure and makes You Smile on Your face. If You prefer something a little more than a decoration-dwarf, there are many more great garden figures, such as dragon figurines, trolls, angels, or animals.

    Original garden decoration like cute garden gnomes or any other garden statues are colorful decorative accents. You can loosen up the mood in Your garden and are small playful Details. Have a look at the great selection of fun small and large garden statues, it is available for the low price in our Online store !

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    Colorful metal figures of Medusa

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