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We have patina garden stakes for decoration for every taste

Romantic-playful, brown modern and clear or rustic: Here you will find the Rusty Deco garden stakes that suit you. Whether for indoors in the flowerpot or for outdoors in the bed or herb garden, animal stake for your raised bed on the terrace and mini dandelions to stake in the balcony ...

We have patina garden stakes for decoration for every taste

Romantic-playful, brown modern and clear or rustic: Here you will find the Rusty Deco garden stakes that suit you. Whether for indoors in the flowerpot or for outdoors in the bed or herb garden, animal stake for your raised bed on the terrace and mini dandelions to stake in the balcony box - for you we have current Seasonal rust garden stakes (not Corten steel) as rusty herbal stakes and popular classics like Heart stakes birdhouses made of metal. Even if you are looking for a gift idea for a girlfriend or a birthday, you will find here with our metal garden stake with rust design guaranteed. Browse through our large rust deco selection of rusty garden stakes and order around the clock in our patina online shop at a reasonable price! We warmly welcome you every time.

Garden stakes: Edelrost garden decoration together with your flowers form a connection with a metal heart

The special rust material with its very individual rust surface made of steel (NOT Corten steel) is an eye-catcher for every flowerbed. Patina bed stake are very special and popular. The characteristic patina adapts perfectly to her garden and has a subtle charisma. Garden stakes with Edelrost patina are available in numerous rust optics with sayings, as well as decorative figures as animal forms, such as bird, cat, butterfly, owl and rust bunny.

Patina deco made of rusted steel for Friends and Co .: Make your garden with our garden deco of patina metal to your own taste or make your loved ones a joy with a garden gift coupon

Whether for the apartment, living room, garden or flower bed. The large selection of patina metal garden stakes are a beautiful and loving gift idea from the heart at a reasonable price. The patina variety without corten steel gives your garden or house a trendy look. Particularly in the field of vegetable stake is a stainless steel rust collection collection with steel through one of our garden stake sets. Together with another garden decoration creates new contrasts in the garden. Create your own style with the patina metal products. The brown surface of the garden deco, metal garden stakes, is timeless and always modern. Whether a garden rod with symbols, inscriptions or sayings, the garden stake rust weatherproof mild steel is always a beautiful garden decoration.

Passion for Creative Patina Gardening with a heart: Take your time with the garden design: in the peace lies the power

Whoever rested does not rust! Or what was that called again? Well, with us that means, who was creative is not rusted in any case. The garden deco garden stake is like a home decor. It takes time, creativity and heart. Only passionate, with heart and soul selected garden decoration of rust metal (no Corten steel), looks for the beholder between your flowers very exceptional. The dedication to a cause can be seen and felt in the result. Our products made of the material rust steel are therefore chosen with great care and attention to detail. The garden stakes made of rust with rust are therefore not without reason very popular in the field of garden decoration sheet metal.

General information to our Deco Figures - garden stake, bed stakes with rust iron - garden stake metal

Afterwards we have listed and answered for you the most important questions to the Deco figures, such as owl, animal from iron patina. So you can familiarize yourself with the patina garden stakes as bed stakes.

NO Corten steel: garden plug made of weatherproof structural steel with rust

Our garden stakes made of metal do not contain any material Cortensteel and are thus completely harmless to health. You can use the stakes of metal rust without concern in the garden as a garden deco rust. As this is not Corten steel, the stainless steel stakes in the garden can be used not only in dry weather but also in damp weather conditions. In addition, we no longer offer products, e.g. in the area of ​​rust columns, plant columns and flower columns, made of stainless steel. This sheet of metal with rust is therefore a perfect patina garden deco with a rust finish and literally shoots the bird off!

Corten steel what is it? - When does Corten steel rust? - How long does Corten steel need to rust? - Corten steel how long?

This is a material made of structural steel, which may contain phosphorus, for example. This COR-TEN steel forms a dense barrier beneath the surface of the grate, protecting the component from further corrosion. Stainless steel, for example, does not rust because of its special alloy. Flower stakes, bedding stakes, garden decoration and other rust decoration made of Corten steel can be of health concern. There are mainly two types of Corten steel: Corten-A and Corten-B. Corten-A, unlike B, is very difficult for further processing, such as welding.

Our articles, such as garden rod as bed stakes with cat, bird, elf, animal and other garden figures are completely harmless to their own health. We also offer a section with stainless steel objects.

Where can you buy Corten Steel? How expensive is Corten steel?

Bed stakes, metal garden stake, garden figure and garden decoration from Corten is still available in many shops.

How long does Corten steel need to rust? Wei do I get corten steel to rust?

That depends on the humidity in the air. The higher the humidity, the faster the material will rust.

How do you weld Corten steel?

First of all, this should be Corten B because it has good weldability. You need electrodes for weatherproof steel.

Which welding wire for corten steel? Corten steel wig welding?

Electrodes for weatherproof steel. Before that, the rusted part must be removed at the point to be welded. In the place that is rusted can not be welded.

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    Wir haben aber auch Edelrost Wettertiere als Gartenstecker im Angebot

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