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With figures of angels made of metal or wood to decorate your home on many occasions, not only as a Christmas decoration.

Fixed order in the Christmas decoration Shop from the metal michl angels for. In our categories you will find over 280 different figures of angels.

Easy to care for, decorative and weather-resistant, so an angel-like figure...

With figures of angels made of metal or wood to decorate your home on many occasions, not only as a Christmas decoration.

Fixed order in the Christmas decoration Shop from the metal michl angels for. In our categories you will find over 280 different figures of angels.

Easy to care for, decorative and weather-resistant, so an angel-like figure should be designed for the cemetery. Because on the tomb of the guardian angel is available throughout the year in the Free, year for year, the Winter of for the Winter. Whether it is the angel figure to a life-sized sculpture of stone or by a small Bronze angel – we sell only quality tomb angel from hand work to decorate over the decades, the grave graceful.

What are angels, anyway?

In the Christian understanding of angel phenomena, which are sent by God to deliver the people a message. In the middle ages, Angelology, an independent scientific direction, which dealt exclusively with angels.

Angels as Christmas decorations? Where is the need?

The most famous angels, to read about in the Bible, comes from the Christmas story, and deliver the good news. Therefore, figures of angels meet us, especially as a Christmas decoration in a variety of forms as a popular Christmas motive.

The perfect gift for many occasions

Figures of angels are suitable for almost any occasion as a gift that comes from the heart: birth, baptism, communion, confirmation or birthday are angels, especially as a guardian angel veschenkt. Or as a housewarming gift angel for the new apartment, at the beginning of School or the start of their careers are a nice touch and show the recipient that you are very happy with It. Who can resist the charm of an angel?

You have the choice of: precious angel or the wooden angel, or both rust?

An angel is not just for Christmas a beiebter decoration subject. If you love angels, you know what we are talking about. An angel not only looks pretty as a decoration, he also Assumes various functions:

Why angels figurines to buy? The various functions of angels:

Guardian angel

  • Angel to be revered by many as a guardian angel and in many of the songs sung. Decorative guardian angel pendant you will find in our angel category.
  • Guardian angel for the car

Figures of angels for the grave

  • Tomb angel stone
  • Grave memorial stones with angel

Angel for wedding and birth

Angels as Christmas decorations - Christmas angel

  • Figures of angels as a table decoration
  • Figures of angels as Fensterbidl or window decoration
  • Angels as Christmas tree ornaments
  • Nativity Angel

Angel sayings

Angel figurines for the garden and outdoors

  • Angel Wind Light
  • Angel Garden Plug

Angel Tinker

Figures of angels in various materials:

  • Angel made of metal
  • Angels made of wood
  • Angels made of stone
  • The sensibilities of the ceramic
  • Just the Mix of variants made of different materials to make figures of angels, very decorative.
  • Rusty Wood Angels

    Zauberhafte Engels Kombinationen aus Holz und Edelrost

  • Guardian Angels

    Schutzengelchen aus Rost mit Holzflügeln zum Aufhängen

  • DIY with Angels and Wings
  • XXL Angels from 1-3 m...

    unsere größten Edelrost Engel bis 3 Meter Höhe. Bitte beachten Sie, dass ab 1,2 Meter Höhe nur noch Sperrgut- und Speditionsversand möglich ist.

  • Wind The Angel Of...

    A angel with candle is a symbol for Christmas and an angel wind light or candle holder with angel wing, Christmas decoration veleihen the final touches:

    You can order candle holders and wind lights with Christmas angels and angel wings designs. A wind light in the garden and especially in the winter dark Season and heat and Confidence and prepares us for Christmas eve. Not only the angels over the stable of the Nativity scene have protected the child Jesus. Also, the angels are the wind lights and candle holders give us Confidence and to protect us.

    Light in the Evening, a candle and get in the Christmas spirit with an angel wind light made of metal with real rust Patina. Sure are especially suitable also angel wings perfect for a wind of light. Encircle the candles and through the wings, the candles shimmering rays of beautiful therethrough.

    Indoors or Outdoors, a wind angel of light to illuminate?

    Instructions for the use of angel, the wind light as outdoor decoration in the garden:

    With our high quality metal wind-finishing for Christmas, you always have a choice. The stable metal is untreated and the layer of Rust has a warm brown hue, which is wonderful out fits.

    Classical way comes stainless stainless decorative rather as a garden decoration to Christmas . Therefore, most of our wind is light for the outside . A large wind the angel of light is, therefore, just at the house entrance, and to place in the entrance area very nice. A bit of brushwood and pine branches, ready for a festively designed entrance area in the evening is a eye-catcher. The warm flickering candlelight casts a beautiful shadow on the Christmas tree and the Christmas decoration in the garden.

    TIP: So that the Wind the great wind of light metal auspustet provide you the best pillar candle or candle in a glass jar and put it in the wind the angel of light. This additionally provides for your required level of safety in dealing with of candles that the Outside lit up.

    Candle holder angel and garden plug in:

    Many of our candle holder you can use as a garden plug. If a garden plug Wind-easily Wind the is weighs a beautiful garden decorating for Christmas. Angel wind light make for a festive mood.

    The angel wind use light as a Christmas decoration in the apartment:

    In the inner area of the wind the angel of light work particularly nicely as a window sill decoration or as table decoration.


    The metal is scratched, nothing you can put a wind light the angels just felt. Please note the metal heat up and get hot. The substrate should not be so sensitive to heat.

  • Putti angel and angel...

    Bring ease in your rust home with cherubs as decoration made of precious

    So, as the game will delight children with us, our decorative cherubs made of stainless metal their eyes light up

    Here you can order cheap angel in child form, so-called putti, or cherub, called Made in Germany handcrafted.

    Info: What is Putten? So, as the game will delight children with us, our decorative cherubs made of stainless metal their eyes light up. Original a putto is a Child / angel child, which dates back to the sculpture and Maleire. Cherubs are usually sweet child, with or without wings, with thick cheeks and look happy. The child angels are now on post-cards and from all sorts of materials. With us you will find putt from rust as a garden decoration and Christmas decoration.

    Where does the term Putte?

    The "Putte" is actually a "He", it means "babe", which is actually a male. Since the babe is so small, the" putt it ". In the Italian word "Putto" it has its origin, and the representation of the putto is already so old, that there is also in the old Latin of the term "putillus".

    Decorative and are often shown naked or just leiucht covered, especially in Baroque churches putti figures in different variants are to be found cherubs. There are these as sculptures carved from wood, carved in stone or depicted in pictures. But not only in the Church, this "angel children," because in ancient times, the boys were love gods. Also, Cupid is often darghestellt as a love angel in child form. Later, cherubs are depicted with musical skills and instruments, such as trumpet and harp.

    The modern meaning is, however, less profound, but by its cute expression cherubs as decoration in the garden and apartment are very popular.

    What are cherubs and angels?

    Angels are from the Christian Glaubensbidl and putting are much earlier than presentation, so none of the dates from the Believe is the origin of the putt. So cherubs are also a beautiful decoration for all Non-Christians. It is a beautiful Christmas decoration for all Konfesionen is to be omitted without an angel representation. So to speak, the putto is an angel for All the people regardless of their faith.

    Putten bring joy and positive energy in the room, and a garden

    Cherubs exude a certain lightness, and friendly youth. Putten as the garden of plugs and decoration figure made of metal put a Smile on our face. Putten act like a small kid very playful and carefree. This carefree attitude üerträgt thanks to the sweet "Baby fat" on our timeless decor with rust.

    Decorating with angels, children and cherubs reminds you that life can be easy. :-)

    What are you waiting for you to bring the ease in your home with putti angels made of precious stainless

    So, as the end of the game children adults to enjoy, let the carved putti in the eyes of the observer is illuminated. Cherubs remind you that life can be easy. They provide a link between the adult man and his child, I, the discovered the world was once full of joy and carefree. So a piece of lightness, a putto in the living room, get the comes every adult sure occasionally.

  • Colorful angel...

    Discover in our new category of weatherproof and UV-resistant figures of angels painted colorful to hang

    Most of the angel characters can you Make

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