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    This great Easter Bunny for a happy Easter

    Is Easter without an Easter Bunny great for You unthinkable? Then look at the many large decorative Bunny You from the metal michl once! To is Easter it is a Tradition that decorated his apartment and the garden with rabbit. The Easter Bunny is the one who at the feast of Easter and the brightly colored eggs hidden. In addition to the small decorative rabbits, there is also a great Easter Bunny, decorate Your home beautifully. A small rabbit is suitable as a table or window sill decoration, but in a garden or Your apartment.

    A big rabbit, in contrast, sets a great Easter accent in your home. At the sight of the XXL Bunny, the anticipation grows directly on Easter. The true-to-life Easter rust patina-made bunnies are made of metal with a Noble, allowing you to get a red-brown coloring. This gives the rabbit a slight "Shabby"Look. Your Easter Bunny is exposed to the weather, the more it rusts. The color of the rust changed therefore easily, what makes Your Easter decoration to life.

    The diverse selection of Easter Bunny large

    The great Easter Bunny, there are in different versions. So there are, for example, a classic seated Easter Bunny, the with You looking forward to Easter wait. In addition, there are also cheerful running rabbit, carrying a basket or a carrot. The Easter Bunny will appear, as you would hide Your Easter eggs.

    Just as You can find funny, grinning Easter Bunny, which You slyly look at. This spray always in a Good mood, and conjure You a Smile on Your face! If You are romantic, like it, there is also a rabbit couple who look in love. The two rabbits sit facing each other and a miracle give this beautiful couple in love Bunny couple.

    The large decorative rabbits there are, for example, as a garden connector, which means you are perfect in a flower Bed or a flower pot, put can. In addition, there are also Easter Bunny with a bottom plate that You individually place can. With the various bunnies, spring and Easter gets to enter in to Your home and prepares You for the feast of Easter.

    An Easter Bunny made of wood and stainless stainless

    The decorative Easter Bunny made of wood and precious-a very special decorative grate. In a sophisticated manner are the materials of precious rust and wood combined. Wood art is so grate with precious Details are provided, whereby the cute Bunny get a particularly beautiful appearance.

    Easter bunnies large-suitable for both indoors as well as outdoors

    When decorating with Easter Bunny You can be very creative. You can take it as a great Easter decoration for Your home use. Especially beautiful it looks, if You hare the rusty Easter with colorful Easter matching eggs. So You put a beautiful spring-like Easter accent in Your apartment!

    Similarly, rusty Easter are rabbits, also as a decoration for Your garden. Just the green Grass offers a place for Your rabbit. As beautiful it looks, if You the characters between the colorful flowers . Especially the big Bunny plugs are particularly suitable, in order to place them in a flower Bed or pot between the flowers.

    At the Easter, You should make sure that rabbits with a bottom plate, the rust, when wet, can RUB off. Your figure is to Flow, for example, on bright, it can leave unsightly red-brown stains. To counteract this, You can Your rabbit with Owatrol Oil brush. As a result, the corrosion is stopped the process and Your Bunny are not more colors!

    A great Easter Bunny as a gift

    A decorative Easter Bunny is an excellent gift idea. Among the many different cute and cheerful Easter bunnies, You will surely find the matching bunnies. Have a look around in our Online Shop , and don't let the many different large decorative rabbits are fascinating!

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