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mit Edelrost selber basteln

  • Decorative Chains
  • Write on Rust
  • Ornaments, Curls and...

    Edelrost Ornamente zum weiter verarbeiten, zauberhafte Curls und mit viel Liebe zum Detail gestaltete und stilvolle Edelrost Artikel, die zeitlos das ganze Jahr über dekoriert werden können. Dekoringe und Blumenringe, für Gestecke und zum weiter verarbeiten. Kreative Menschen kommen hier voll auf Ihre Kosten und können Ihre Phantasie freien Lauf lassen!

  • Ring decorations

    Dekorative Ringe zum basteln und um Besonderes noch schöner in Szene zu setzen

  • Accessories for DIY Ideas
  • Candle supports

    rostige Kerzenhalter und Kerzenteller zum Einarbeiten in Gestecke oder in Holzstämme, Stein etc.

  • Oxidation - how to...

    Dekorative Metallüberzüge - Rost auf Fast allen Oberflächen erzeugen - Werden Sie Kreativ und erzeugen Sie Ihre eigenen Edelrost Kunstwerke - Für Neulinge bieten wir unsere kostenlose Beratungshotline an unter 08324-95 33 860 In Zusammerarbeit mit dem Allgäuer Unternehmen Creartec, welches ein selbst entwickelten Verfahren patentiert hat, um Rost auf allen möglichen Werkstoffen entstehen zu lassen, können wir Ihnen ein Komplettpaket anbieten um alle Farben des Rost künstlich zu erzeugen!

  • Standplatten und...
  • Garden Fence Decoration

    Decoration for Your garden fence

    Whether as point of view protection, perimeter of Your garden or for security, a fence of a certain task, while in the normal case, but must still look not dull and boring. In the design of Your Gartenzauns are Your creative ideas are no limits. A brown fence made of wood, for example, in colorful colors paint. Just as You can use the fence with decorative screens-elements to beautify him or her with cute and funny fence decorate watchers. So he's not surrounded Your house and garden, but a decorative part of Your creative garden design with metal!

    The cheerful fence Gazer as a garden fence decorative

    Anyone who claims that a fence made of wood, you could decorate, You can easily disabuse. With the wonderful small fence watchers from the metal michl You can change Your boring garden fence immediately spice up. For example, there are funny animals, such as birds, cats, and cows, You can on Your fence plug. With you, embellish You don't fence Your garden, but Your entire garden. The Design and Tinker with our decorating ideas will be simply:

    For the Christmas season, enchanting angel, You can use to decorate Your Gartenzauns. The angels are once made of metal with a stainless rust patina or with dresses in bright colors. You plunge Your garden into a peaceful atmosphere and a little color swab in the dark time of the year. As a society, for Your sweet angel there is a small bag of imps, or a Nicholas-fence-Gazer. Together they make a beautiful Christmas image.

    Here, You can also be very easy to be creative by yourself. With simple DIY ideas for You to customize Your fence with just a few materials to embellish. Straight out of old objects, such as, for example, dishes You can repurpose perfectly as a fence decoration. Is Your fence made of wood, You can paint it in bright colors. Here, Your ideas are set no limits!

    Buttons for the garden fence - the fence Deco

    If You are looking for a fancy fence decoration are, look at the funny fence buttons at once. Rusty buttons that You attach to Your fence, are a very creative decoration. The button is made of metal with a stainless rust patina adds a cheerful accent to Your fence, making it the eye-catcher in Your garden.

    Best You arrange the buttons in different sizes and fasten then together at one point. Depending on Your taste, You can decorate the garden decoration with various "thread patterns". So each button gets its own individual look.

    The decorative visual protection

    Your fence is designed to protect You from the prying eyes of Your neighbours and the passers-by? Then have a look at our decorative screens. Instead of a boring point of view, protection of the individual screens are designed with beautiful motifs. So is Your privacy fence a decorative fence.

    If You need protection not a complete view, You can also integrate individual screens in Your fence. This means Your fence no longer looks so monotonous. Just for a patio or balcony are the screens, You have a beautiful decoration and also have a quiet secluded place.

    A bird fence from rust

    Our tip: A beautiful type of garden decoration it is, if You set a Beetzaun to Your flowers or vegetable patch. Your beds can You lovingly with a small decorative fence to define a border. Your garden gets through this decoration has a clear structure. The Beetzaun is very low, so that You continue to have a good look at Your plants. He is decorated with small birds, what is playful for him and idyllic.

    A Flower Fence

    If there is a lack of Your garden fence to paint, You could decorate it with flowers. For this, You will build a small device that You the flower-pot can be attached to. Once You have Your flower pots are planted, You have a wonderfully green and flowery garden fence. Your decorative fence, it is now a flowery garden decoration, border Your garden with love.

  • Decorative Feathers

    Decorative feathers for Crafting as a residential and garden decoration

    So, You can decorate Your garden and living area is unique with feathers:

    With us, You will find a large selection of decorative metal "spring jewelry" at reasonable prices

    The spring as a decorative element:

    You can feathers in a very diverse and generous for Your home and garden decoration use:

    Residential decoration

    In the living area You can springs as a simple but very effective table decoration use.

    So You can plug in, for example, just a couple of feathers in a glass vase and a unique decoration without a lot of craft to create demand.

    Or just the boring bouquet of flowers, a little pimp, and Your table decorations a little Exotic, give You the decorative feathers with flowers in colorful colors combine.

    You want to make Your table decoration a little more precious with feathers, and can also dispense with real feathers? Art springs made of metal or plastic certainly are a good alternative.

    To decorate even if You're doing a large area with springs and a high number of pieces need not are art springs is advisable, just because a large number of springs, the is the animal to be purchased, unfortunately, probably in the first place.

    Garden decoration

    Feathers are a natural Material that is found very often in nature, and so it is decorative-feathers-of course-also in the area of the garden decoration.

    Now You're thinking sure first of natural bird feathers, but there are also weather-resistant decorative feathers in different sizes and bright colors. With these, You can embellish Your Flower bed.

    Large weather-resistant decorative feathers can be attached in the garden and also with other decorations link and these hangings, with a lantern or a wind light. By the glow of the light on the spring your garden exudes a certain magic.

    The importance of the spring

    Always springs were for the man interesting, so the springs in large quantities are used until today as a filling material for duvets and pillows.

    They were also used for the manufacture of arrows, and to Write with ink on paper.

    But not just as a utilitarian object, the spring has always been of great importance. The sign of spring, the symbolism of freedom and as many of the wear today jewelry made of feathers or customize Your home with decorative feathers.

    Meaning of a feather Tattoo

    especially Young people are wearing today are often feathers Tattoos, because this looks like a very nice and very different design but also because of the versatile importance of the spring: This Means first and foremost the connection with the bird and nature, and thus freedom and ease.

    In ancient Egypt

    In the case of the ancient Egyptians, the signs of spring, for example, was the truth. In addition, the pharaohs adorned their crowns with ostrich feathers.

    In the case of the Indians:

    Especially in the culture of the Indians, the bird's feathers were of great importance. These were brightly colored in Red and Yellow often as a head jewelry.

    The eagle feathers are also a Symbol of great courage and strength, as the feathers of the bird were only found in the mountains and in inaccessible places.

    The Indian feathers are used for Crafting of dream catchers should protect you from bad Dreams.

    Today, the motif of the dream catcher is moved more to the of a decorative element. So there is a dream catcher in all colors and shapes for indoors and outdoors.

    The religious significance

    The color of the unity of all colors, and in the symbolism of purity is White.

    The religious significance of the springs in White is therefore the Symbol for angel.

    In the esoteric they are as a proof of this is seen in the us, if you find in an unusual place, a spring in White.


    The spring is regarded in many cultures as a Symbol for the Element of air, and for freedom and is associated with ease, because they come from the birds and this can swing with ease in the height and distance goals reached.

    What can I Tinker with springs and everything?

    Springs are also very good as a versatile craft material: in different colors, these are for Crafting popular.

    Also for stainless stainless friends the right offer, so You springs for a wide variety of arts and crafts can here ideas here are a few suggestions:

    • Make Your own unique creative dream-catcher for indoors or outdoors!
    • A welcoming door wreath time is different: feathers for Crafting, You can Ideal in Your door wreath between the flowers and the branches with einkranzen and glue. Surprising Your guests with this unique decoration!
    • Create Your own painting on the wall in the Ethno Look by it with feathers for Crafts decorating.


    The spring surprised by their variety in meaning and applicability and, although it has been used for centuries different setting, your charm will be lost. A feathers decoration is always unique and eye-catching for visitors!


    Our craft feathers you can buy in a Set with 3 pieces or as a single part. If You have a spring want to draw, and no template to Hand, You can take the spring just as a template, and the outlines are emerging.

    Since our springs are made of structural steel, these are also fire-proof and so can You, if You outline a feathers on a wood want to Tinker, the spring on the wood and then anflammen.

    As soon as You take the spring from the Board down, do You have an outline of the beautiful feathers on the wood tinkered.


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