Deer, wild animals and forest dwellers 

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rusty decoration with wild animals, such as precious stainless deer, rusty hedgehogs, bats, and other forest and meadow dwellers from Small table decorations to large animals.

  • Rusty deers and roe deers

    Rusty decoration deer modern country style accessory for your home

    Almost like a real resident of the winter forest, our Deco-deer made of precious stainless decoration. The natural patina deer replicas bring a touch of nature to your home. You can create a charming, country-style Arrangements, in which a decorative insert is stag wonderful. Our rust deers do not exist, as is the case with many other manufacturers of Polyresin, but made of sturdy metal with a noble Patina of rust and frost are so sure and for the winter use, both indoors and Outside in the garden. The stainless stainless decorative Hische are lovingly made by hand with great attention to Detail, mostly in Germany. The eyes sparkle, and the magnificent decorative Antler is fragmented. It almost looks as if the metal deer wanted to leave right away to take a journey through the snowy forest. A real rust Patina on the deer's head and carefully crafted Details make up the charm of precious decorative deer rust.

    Tip: wooden and stainless stainless: The combination of wood and stainless stainless, as well as the integration of a wall decor creating an indescribable Aura in your house or garden.

    White and rust brown: bullet point White! You can also play with the color White. White Background with furniture, and antlers in rust optics make for a great contrast.

    Deer antler rust is just a part of a country-house style: The right place is a real eye-catcher

    You can create a romantic and rustic feel as in the country. Bring the country style into the own four walls. Drape our beautiful country house decorative items such as decorative deer on the Banquet table, in a shelf, on the window sill or on a fireplace console. Whether stainless stainless furniture, Antlers, or simply a graceful rusty deer. from Large to small, you will find a large selection of decorative deer made of metal. And an almost true-to-life deer fits optimally in the garden. The small decorative deer fit perfectly in the living room and will complement the Christmas decorations, because they can remain from the beginning of October until mid-February. For a little he reminds the contemplative Christmas season, the reindeer before the sleigh of Santa Claus, if the landscape by the snow-white powdered appears.

    Country style: Villa decoration, which looks classy and trendy, classy furniture and Hirsch rust antlers to Set up

    Country houses for relaxation and romantic retreats. They are mainly characterised by their distinctive style. Warm colors, bright colors, and rustic furnishings are typical characteristics. The deer antler is certainly one of the most well-known decoration of figures in a classic country house. Other versions of the deer head, stuffed deer and the other Antler decor. We offer our precious country-style decoration, extraordinary decoration ideas rust. With us you can find typical Designs, such as the precious deer antler decor, country house furniture in the rust-Look in different sizes, and colors of rust. You created a very individual country house style. With this modern stainless-look your country Look will appear in a new light. Cast your line for a modern and nostalgic interior.

    Country-style: Romantic and tasteful decorative items from the forest with different Patterns

    Tasteful stainless stainless decoration is essential for a beautiful home. Most of our stainless stainless decorative items to fulfill a certain purpose of use - decorations, however, we need to make us feel comfortable. With the right decoration can objects we to our living room so that we feel comfortable in it. You need decorative items for the garden? What makes a cosy country-house style? With a beautifully arranged country house decoration from the Material is metal, they create walls and a cozy atmosphere in your own home, without a lot of effort into it. This deer is suitable as a decoration perfect. But also for many other occasions, the stainless can rust decorative deer or a stainless grate integrate with Antlers to match.

    Precious cottage stainless-style decorative items and their application possibilities

    In the precious decoration of rust inside, there is one important rule: Less is more! Are you looking for your precious decorations made of rust-article Wisely, so that the room is not cluttered. If you want to grate with a stainless decorative deer want to get the country Feeling to your home, then you have come to the right place.

    Here are some popular examples of precious stainless decorations:

    Furniture, country house decorating items, and much more: Browse our website or directly in our Shop in the beautiful Allgäu. We look forward to your visit!

    Cast off for your very own custom patina decoration in the living room, and a garden

    With the right stainless stainless decorative you can also let the changing of the seasons in your apartment. Decorations made of precious rust, like the decorative deer or the decorative deer antlers are very well suited for numerous occasions, such as Christmas decoration and design types for living room or garden. With our precious decorative items for the rust, like the deer antler with stainless rust Patina, you can create, for example, your table decorations festive.

    In April, however, it is high time for the garden decoration! Stainless stainless decorations with animal figures and floral motifs are particularly pretty. Playful motifs not only in the free nature for beautiful color accents, but also as a precious decorative grate-object is a piece of spring into the room. Of course, our product variety also offers items for your summer decorating, and autumn decoration.

    A deer comes rarely alone - Unique stainless stainless decorative deer pattern

    A deer comes rarely alone. The small decorative deer sets alone and also in a pack atmospheric accents in the precious stainless decoration. It is made from from stainless stainless Material, and is presented proudly on window sills, Sideboards, or the Christmas table. The brown warm color of the home accessories is a win-win for each apartment or garden decoration. Whether as a wall decoration, garden plug, our Antler decor or deer antler decoration is an original gift and a beautiful decoration.

    Did you know what stainless is rust exactly? Our decorative items are provided with the brown patina Patina. This will get the rust optics according to a plurality of manufacturing steps. First, it is by means of a plasma cutting process lasered the future rusty metal Design. After this molding is roughened by the alkaline and acid fluids, the surface of the sculpture or decoration, to bring you in a room with high humidity to rust. After these steps, you get trophies, now the Shabby Chic or Vintage Look rusty hunt.

    Vintage and Modern - opposites attract, so also in the decoration

    In garden design and home furnishings the combination of nostalgic and modern elements, it gets an increasing importance. With our precious decorative articles, rust, such as the decorative Antler deer head, styles we offer for you Online cheap a wide range for different device:

    Decorative articles online: For more variants, such as the decorative Antler, browse our wide selection on the store Homepage. There you will find also reduces many decorative items.

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    Blue-and - White Bavarian metal art Modern home accessories with a style of metal

    It is not always the "Bronze, silver and Gold shall rust" it, "iron, rust, and precious"

    With us, you will find a wide selection of creative decorative elements, rust, such as the rusty deer head illustration, for your garden and the living room to Set up. Whether outside or inside. Whether for the kitchen or bathroom. Whether as a wall decoration or table decoration. Rust decoration in country house style is very Special. Rusty Antlers, of rusty Hirsch, and rusty furniture, such as chests of drawers and other interior accessories. This precious stainless style with metal look.

    You can pay in Installments: you Buy from us, decorative articles of metal, wall decor, deer head online cheap. Pay your bill with monthly Installments through PayPal.

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  • Squirrel

    Edelrost Eichhörnchen aus rostigem Metall z.B. für Baumbefestigung, als Rankhilfe oder sonstige hübsche Deko

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