What is a precious rust and why garden decoration stainless is so popular?

Stainless rust describes a real rust Patina on metals: rust layer, the metal of the decorative object is refined. Therefore, one speaks of noble rust.
This is already everything? NO, certainly not! Stainless stainless is more ... And it is not perhaps what
You have thought of that! Because ...

What is stainless stainless?

Stainless stainless is not perfect and is not always the same!
Stainless rust nothing is for the eternity, but, nevertheless, very long and durable over many years !
Stainless rust, no mass production! * Please refer to the section delivery time
Stainless stainless is not Corten steel! Corten may be of concern because it contains heavy metals (unhealthy)
We only sell normal steel, natural iron, is also a valuable mineral for plants.

What is stainless to rust so now really?

Noble rust is natural as the nature itself: Always individual, and always unique! Nature sets her brush, and paints his own works of art! ... also on the ground. Please note that our items may bleed when wet. But most Important of all: noble rust is and remains something Special: Each article is due to the rust Patina one of a kind and genuine craftsmanship is always art!

Therefore, there are 2 important quality criteria, the precious rust make up items:

  1. glechmäßige rust layer = Patina
  2. natural rust = real rust

Precious is a love story stainless:

"I, Michael Blanz, and have entertained in the spring of 2018 at a garden fair with a metallo lied to and that is where I have the Declaration of love of rust to learn, because:

Metal is "cool" on oxygen. These 2 elements to draw, and want to make a connection. It takes an intermediary, so to speak, the wedding planners of chemistry: water, chemically H2O.

That is exactly WHY we love stainless stainless !

Was ist Edelrost

Manufacturing: How can stainless rust?

Of course, there is also a technical answer on how you can make stainless rust itself:

If metal occurs, for example, raw steel with oxygen and water in contact, it begins Oxidation, in which oxygen is the Element iron combines iron oxide, rust. Usually rust like on the car undesirable. Since no precious rust but stainless needs to add something crucial: The rust layer is to distribute the precious rust as evenly as possible on the Matalloberfläche. Only then can one speak of noble rust, Furthermore, it is important that the layer of Rust is real, so no color or paint occurs, otherwise one speaks of appearance or Finish.

It must be a natural process of rust development to be able to properly way of the precious rust to speak. This process can be accelerated by accelerating with acidic or basic solutions, the Oxidation artificially.

So stainless is made of stainless with a uniform layer of Rust:

If you have stainless stainless are enough to create want to You have to make sure that the metal is free from grease. With detergent like Pril You can the steel sheet completely reingien and then developed first a bright orange layer on the sheet, the relatively sole. Over time the steel will darken and change a dark brown. The finished rust dan is evenly and firmly seated. Since this takes a very long time, you can speed up with simple DIY Tricks to this process:

the rust yourself You will need:

  • Spray bottle
  • Water, salt water, and if it is to go fast, for example, hydrochloric acid,
  • Patience

What to do in case of irregular rust patina or bare Spots, scratches on the stainless decoration?

Scratches and bare Spots are Bad at nothing, because in the course of time, new rust forms, and these shiny Spots with the time itself disappear again. Rust takes time. We can understand, if you want something Rusty to give away and the Patina is not one hundred percent perfect. The clouds but only at first glance, the gift. It is important that the rust patina will Develop again and again new, and the recipient still have a lot of fun, because our precious stainless decor is durable for a long time and get many years of enjoyment, not only in a Moment you unpack a gift or package.

You should notice when unpacking the rust decoration, the surface is easily scratched, some rust has dissolved, or bare metal comes to the fore, you can fix this quite easy:

The Rusty character, please simply several days and nights in the open air, e.g. in the garden. The natural humidity in the summer, to a new rust layer. In the Winter (= low humidity) or if it is to go faster, you can spray the garden figure with vinegar or salt water, it forms rust faster. the most beautiful rust development, but the nature itself by you just wait and the time the brush. Because of the nature paints in the course of time, the most beautiful works of art from stainless.

A chemical Definition for rust you can see here:

As long as the articles from precious rust as a garden decoration durable?

Noble rust is just as durable as normal steel, and should not be used as a Synonym for Corten steel used. What are the differences of normal steel in comparison to the Corten steel, I declare to you here in the Video. If you open the Video on Youtube, you can learn all the Details. It is important to us that we distribute any of Corten steel.

Normal steel loses per year approx. 1 micrometer in thickness. Depending on the environment, very different to the information of the durability of the rust as possible.
In your apartment rust, will not change over the centuries, as the humidity of the air is to generate high enough to the new rust.

In the exterior of the location looks masgeblich for an indication of how long the garden decorations of rust is nice. Basically, you can assume that our articles have the good quality that you will hold between 15 and 20 years.

wetterfeste und haltbare Gartendeko aus Rost und Metall

Beware of copies and the so-called Rust look:

Again and again you will find in the Internet article with a visual appearance like Rust. These items are usually not really rusty, but with a brown color painted or lacquered.