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    Murmeltiere zum Stecken oder auf Bodenplatte mit Edelrostpatina - Exklusiv nur beim Metallmichl

  • Steinbock Deko...

    Alpensteinbock Deko Figur Capra Ibex Steinbock DekorationThe Alpine ibex Capra Ibex fascinated us humans. Mayestät, he jumps from rock to Rock, and is therefore regarded as the king of the Alps

    Therefore, the Alpine ibex, in honor of have a series in the Program, entirely devoted to the Alpine ibex. The Capricorn decorative figurines, you can order either of the flexible Installation with plate, or with a short plug. Especially nice is our unique pieces with a French slate. Here we manufacture exclusively for you, the stone blocks a stone.

    The frontal Haltund of the Capra Ibex invites you to Think about. As if a sight of a king, cringe, we are people of respect at the sight. What do you think of this noble animal, if it looks you in the eye?

    If you have ever seen a real Capricorn in the wild, you understand what I mean. It is a unique encounter that leaves a deep and lasting impression on us.

    If you also share this passion for Capricorns, you are in our decoration Shop Right:

    With us you can find the most beautiful and largest selection of Capricorn decoration. From a miniature in a few Zentimtern to the 2-Meter-high life-size Silhouette of the Capricorn, you will find it here. We look forward to your orders. By the way, we also deliver Europe-wide, for example, to Austria or to Switzerland.

    Alepnsteinbock Deko Figuren Edelrost

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