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Edelrost Ideen zur Adventszeit - Adventszahlen und Sterne und Adventskränze und mehr

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    Unsere Weihnachtskrippen aus Edelrost bringen die heilige Familie stimmungsvoll in ihr Heim.

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    Advent wreaths – a beautiful tradition for merry Christmas - you can Order here modern advent wreaths and craft accessories for Christmas decorations, made of metal with stainless, rust Patina

    The symbolism of the advent wreath is interpreted in different ways. Originally, as the increase of light as an expression of the anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ. Other interpretations refer to the circular shape of the wreath, the white and pine green in the Winter, as well as the colors used and red candles and bows. The advent is based wreath in relation to the four directions of the sky and the earth. The ring shape of the wreath symbolizes the eternity of life. The Green symbolizes the color of hope and life. The white flames of the candles, the light that enlightens what of Christmas in the world.

    The origin and history of the advent wreathAdventskranz kaufen

    The traditional advent wreath is usually made of fir branches woven and is mainly used as a table or hanging jewelry, with four red candles. Was invented in this Form of the advent gestecks with candles in 1839 by Lutheran theologians and the founder of the Evangelical diakonia Johann Hinrich Wichern in Protestant Northern Germany. At the beginning of the industrial age, he wanted to reduce the street children the time until Christmas. About a century later, he was well established in Catholic areas.

    Ultimately, the idea of the wreath was brought with a candle by impatient children

    He was asked during the advent of the children, when Christmas is, he built in 1839 from an old wagon wheel and a calendar. From a wooden wreath with 20 small red and four large white candles. Every day he lit a candle. Thus, the children could count the days until Christmas.

    Modern Christmas decoration for Christmas decorations and advent wreath ideas

    Even before the Advent of the fest the most, first with candles, decorated Christmas wreath. This delight every year for the large popularity. In traditional versions, as a potpourri, and as a modern advent wreath, for example, from stainless to rust. Nowadays, there are hardly any limits. In the wreath, very good traditional candle holder or small modern ceiling may be installed. So he is not just on advent Sundays a real eye-catcher. Christmas decorations yourself and decorate your quality of life now and part of our tradition. Creative advent wreaths are a beautiful family event is to Tinker. Metal michl offers the Deco range of products for classic and modern Christmas decorations. Here you will find a large selection of tasteful decorative objects.

    Christmas decorations and decorating an essential part of the pre-Christmas time is binding. The modern advent flower arrangement with candles is the expression of your own personality in the advent time. Especially like the family sits around the self-made wreath with the smell of cookies, and the matching Christmas decoration. In the case of metal michl, you can be for decorative DIY ideas for Christmas wreaths to inspire. You scroll down for the occasion, the easy online through our category.

    adventskranz und adventsgesteck modern aus metallForms and possibilities for use in modern flower arrangements and advent wreaths

    Equipped with candles, tea lights and fir branches Christmas decorations a pretty Table decoration. But also as a shining wall object, or a welcoming wreath on the front door, you are impressive. Advent wreaths are a Christmas tradition in the German-speaking countries. For the decoration traditionally often dried orange slices, fragrance bars are Cinnamon, pine cones and bows. But also modern decorations are getting more and more trendy. With the decorative-objects from metal michl your advent can be plugged specially. For minimalist Christmas decoration or for large advent wreaths, crafting with the whole family your own personal and modern, advent arrangement.

    Flickering candles or strings of lights in the autumn night hours for a peaceful atmosphere

    In addition to the Advent arrangements can of course be even more beautiful to decorate. Gardens, terraces, balconies, doors, Windows, tables and walls, can be Christmas decorated. The right incentives and decoration you will find here with us. Except advent wreaths there are beautiful items made of precious stainless, metal, glass and wood for the beautification of your home:

    - Advent star, numbers, lettering from stainless stainless, candle holder, trays and stands, wind lights and candle holders,

    Ornaments and angel wings, firs and Christmas trees made of wood and metal, wood, candles, and star wreaths,

    Decorative snow flakes, plugs and balls, forest scenes, and various articles such as, for example, decoration - silver deer and LED light chains.

    Wonderful decorative items for you and your own personal advent wreath. You to Tinker in a playful manner gorgeous Christmas decorations for a house, an apartment, a garden and a terrace.

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